1st EU-Caribbean Sustainable Energy Conference

EUNICE successfully participated in the 1st EU-Caribbean Sustainable Energy Conference that took place in the Barbados Island on the 10-11th October 2016.

Mr. Stefanos Garyfalakis was keynote speaker and presenter of the TILOS Project, as a demonstration project of the integration of Renewable Energy Sources to the remote insular Grids.

The topic of the integration of Renewables into insular grids was deemed to have significant positive impact to the local economies of every Caribbean island; thus, it was warmly welcomed.

EU’s willingness to assist the Caribbean countries in the “energy shift” towards the Renewables was confirmed with the signature of several bilateral agreements, both in administrational and financial aid schemes.

EUNICE enjoyed the opportunity in making the TILOS project (www.tiloshorizon.eu) known to governmental officials and grid operators of the remote insular grids of Caribbean and also gained experience in the ‘introduction’ of the Renewable Energy targets in the region. It is of no doubt that the Caribbean islands could become a promising RES market since the potential is good and the commitment of the local Governments is proven strong.

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