Hybrid System Solutions

Eunice Energy Group (EEG) is committed to the renewable energy and its focal position in the energy sector in the future. The Group is well placed for the next steps of the energy transition.

The Group is confident that the full-scale integration of renewable energy systems in small grids, combined with energy storage and energy management systems will become a reality in the future.

Tilos Project - S4S

The research project T.I.L.O.S. (Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage) aims to develop and operate an intelligent, innovative hybrid system using solar and wind energy, which, through a battery storage system, will cover (to a micro-grid level) the electricity needs of the residents of the village of Livadia (~ 500 residents) on the island of Tilos in the Dodecanese.

Further details on TILOS Project on the Project’s official website: www.tiloshorizon.eu

The TILOS Project was approved as the first among 80 competing projects under the European Programme HORIZON 2020 (https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020). The project is a multinational effort of a total of 15 European partners from seven different countries (Greece, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, and Spain).

Eunice Laboratories, member of the Eunice Energy Group (EEG), with its long-term experience in renewable energy applications in Greece, participates in the TILOS Project as a Technical Manager with the role of facilitating and commissioning of all micro-grid system components, plus ensuring the micro-grid’s operation.

The Group’s goal is to disseminate the results of the TILOS Project and to replicate the investment model in similar projects in Aegean islands and abroad.



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