Our Services

Eunice Energy Group (EEG) established Eunice Laboratories (EuniLab) SA in 2008 with an idea to monetise the gained expertise in the field of project development, project construction and operations. Later on, Eunilab has become also a centre of excellence in developing hydrid renewable systems.

EuniLab also offers its versatile services regarding renewable energy projects to third parties, including financial investors, project developers and communities.

The offered services include:

  • Certified Wind Measurements
    EuniLab is accredited by the National Accreditation System SA (ESYD) with Certificate No.592 in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to carry out certified wind measurements.
  • Project planning
    Project planning includes various services, but not limited to, project optimization and site layout, grid connection, design of access roads.
  • Financial Modelling
    Financial analysis and modelling of the project in accordance with international financial standards and special requirements from financing institutions.
  • Project Costing and Procurement services
    Detailed analysis of the project costing and evaluation of the suppliers and their offered services. Valued services during procurement following internationally applied practices.
  • Project Management
    Customised project management services during planning and also construction of the project.
  • Technical supervision during operation
    Highly experienced technical supervision during the operations focusing on improving reliability, reducing operating cost and increasing the annual yield.
  • Project licensing
    Applying the national legal framework and local rules regarding the administrational, environmental and forestry legislation, enabling the project to acquire its final layout and the approvals for construction from the competent Authorities.

Furthermore, EuniLab is strongly involved in the development of hybrid energy systems and it is one of the leading members of the European consortium for the Project “TILOS”. Project TILOS has been included in the EU Horizon 2020 Program funded by the EU.

Further details on the EU Horizon 2020 Program and TILOS Project: