Our Profile

Eunice Energy Group (EEG) was founded in 2001. It is one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy in Greece. Over the years, the Group has successfully developed, constructed, owned and operated several renewable energy projects.

Today, the Group operates with a full spectrum of value chain in renewable energy, from manufacturing of technology to ownership and operation of renewable energy investments.

Since 2013, the Group has actively been developing hybrid renewable energy solutions, combining the latest wind, PV, storage and smart-grid technologies. The Group is a leading partner in a high profile European Union project, HORIZON 2020. In this project, the Group will develop, implement, construct and operate a renewable hybrid system combining electricity storage and smart-grid technologies on Tilos Island, Greece.

The Group is also involved in wind turbine manufacturing. Its goal is to commence the production of a small wind turbine in early 2017. The turbine has been designed and engineered by an innovative German firm and it will be manufactured and tested in Greece. Further R&D will be carried out in Greece by the Group’s experienced and highly skilled personnel.

The small wind turbine ideally suits direct connection to the grid, but also stand-alone electricity generation. It is also a solution for net-metering or direct integration in small hybrid systems with battery storage.

The highlights of the Group’s operating track record up to date:

  • 3 operating wind parks, with 60MW installed capacity
  • 12 photovoltaic investments, with 1,2MW installed capacity
  • 21MW wind energy portfolio ready for implementation
  • 582 MW wind project, Project “AIGAIO” under development
  • Development activities outside Greece
  • Active in development of hybrid renewable energy systems
    Involved in manufacturing of small capacity wind turbine

The Group’s modus operandi is based on the following building blocks:

  • Despite the should consider revising economic environment, continue development and investment activities in Greece
  • Key focus on innovative solutions
  • Commitment to excellence in outstanding industry expertise and reputation in Greece
  • Assume responsible corporate identity through investments in the country that is currently lacks of.