Small Wind Turbine Manufacturing

EUNICE Wind SA, with a long-lasting experience in the design and operation of wind farms in Greece, presents the EW-16 Small Wind Turbine with a rated power of 50kW.

The EW-16 is an advanced, flexible and reliable Small Wind Turbine (SWT) certified under the IEC 61400-2 standard.


The EW-16 has a gearless drive-train, uses minimum mechanical parts, and requires no hydraulic braking system; thus, it increases efficiency, reduces downtimes, and safeguards optimum energy yield.


The EW-16 is designed in Germany and manufactured in Greece, using all applicable standards and infrastructure methods.

The Small Wind Turbine EW-16 is designed in Germany and assembled in Greece, using German and European quality components. Its high energy yield, even at low wind sites, makes it ideal for small wind farms, agricultural or industry centres, community buildings, and notably for stand-alone solutions and wind-diesel systems.


Its direct-drive design without gearbox, without pitch system and without any hydraulics, ensures a robust turbine with minimized effort for maintenance.

The EW-16 is an advanced, flexible and reliable wind turbine with a rated capacity of 50kW. It is ideal for use in every power system (decentralized, remote and/or autonomous), in medium-sized enterprises and farms. Thanks to its consistent concept and selected components, requires very little maintenance. With our experience and support, we ensure the sustainable success of your wind Projects with the EW-16 from initial planning, through implementation to maintenance the systems in operation.