The American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has set up an Energy Committee with appointed members of EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG)

The American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce announces the establishment of an Energy Committee to monitor all issues and developments relating to the energy sector at national and international level, as well as to promote new ideas, proposals, and practices aimed at rational and effective the use of energy resources of all kinds and the modernization and improvement of energy supply and distribution networks for the benefit of the citizen or business consumer.

The Energy Committee of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce has the ambition, through its work and actions, to contribute significantly to the development of an integrated and commonly accepted strategic and policy framework for the extremely vital energy sector, which is an important pillar for the sustainable economic development of the country.

Chairman of the Committee was Mr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, President, Hellenic Association for Energy Economics.

Members of the Committee were appointed by: Giannis Basias, Hellenic Hydrocarbons Resources Management, Kostis Sifnaios, Business Development Manager, Copelouzos Group, Dimitris Gontikas, VP and Managing Director, Energean Oil & Gas, George Kalavrouziotis, CEO, EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), Fernando Kalligas, Member, DESFA. Manousos Manousakis, Managing Director, ADMIE, Evangelos Mytilineos President & CEO, Mytilineos SA, Stephanos Octapodas Chairman & Managing Director, HEDNO Emmanouil Panagiotakis, President & Managing Director, Public Power Corporation, Dimitris Parperis, Managing Director Greece-Cyprus, GE Power, Giorgos Cubaris, Chairman, Heron, Michael Philippou CEO, Energy Exchange, Andreas Siamisis CFO, Hellenic Petroleum and Dimitris Giorgis, CEO, DEPA.

The Chairman of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Simos Anastassopoulos, stated regarding the founding of the committee: “The American – Hellenic Chamber has been an important factor in promoting the country’s energy security, and believes that with the upgraded new composition of the Energy Committee, effectively contribute to improving the competitiveness of the energy market and implementation of development projects that will make the country a real energy hub.”

The Chairman of the Energy Committee of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Mr Costas Andrisopoulos states: “Taking over the duties of the President of the Commission Energy of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce is a great honor and challenge for me. The Energy Commission and the Chamber can and should contribute with positive interventions and initiatives to find solutions and proposals on the key issues of the energy sector in our country, and in this direction all our efforts and actions will shift in the future.”