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Activities & Projects

With a steady orientation and consistency for more than twenty years in activities and innovations related exclusively to clean green energy, with a vehicle of new technologies and a look to the future, through its advanced technological products it develops and its activities, the Eunice Group creates all the conditions for the transition to the next day of energy and ranks at the forefront of European and international energy technology, with a Greek footprint and high domestic added value.


      Eunice for Emobility

      The Eunice Group manufactures Greek chargers for electric vehicles at its factory in Mandra, Attica. Eunice`s chargers are high-performance, high-tech products for both the domestic and international markets. They cover the needs of public and private charging networks, outdoor or indoor public facilities and special buildings, while providing integrated design, procurement and installation services up to maintenance and after sales support.


      S4S Tilos

      S4S by Eunice is implemented for the first time in Tilos and transforms the small island of Dodecanese into the first energy autonomous island in the Mediterranean.


      Aigaio Project

      A project of significant domestic added value and international significance, with immediate benefits for the local and national economy. The project includes the installation of a wind turbines` network with a capacity of 582MW, in dozens of uninhabited islands of the Dodecanese and Cyclades


      Battery Energy Storage Systema (BESS)

      The energy projects, of over 600 million euros investment, are characterized by Greek added value and know-how, European significance, and global technological value. Eunice`s new project comprises two large-scale energy storage stations, one in the wider area of Ptolemaida (Western Macedonia) and one in the area of Megalopoli (Arcadia, Peloponnese), with the designations “Ptolemaida Battery Energy Storage System” (PTOLEMAIDA BESS) and “Arcadia Battery Energy Storage System” (ARCADIA BESS), respectively.


      Energy Communities

      Energy communities constitute the vehicle to the Energy Democracy while pave the way for the new era in the energy field with respect for both humans and the environment. Through energy communities, consumers acquire an active role in the production, storage, purchasing, and energy management in general.

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