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Aftonomo by Eunice

Smart Energy Autonomy & Independence System. 

Bringing an island`s energy autonomy to your home.

The innovative technological model of S4S (Storage for Sustainability, Smart Grid, Solutions, and Security) that was financed, developed and installed in the island of Tilos by Eunice and constituted the island energy autonomous, is the sole project in operation to have gained international recognition, ranking the company among the technological pioneers in the production and storage of clean energy, solely from the wind and the sun.

The advanced S4S technology that combines various forms of Renewable Energy Sources with energy storage and smart energy management in co-operation with the system Joltie, paves the way in diffusing the available know-how into households, businesses and various other premises, through the creation of the “Aftonomo” system.

The Aftonomo solution by Eunice.

Eunice has developed an innovative and integrated smart energy management solution for homes and enterprises. The proposed solution consists of Renewable Energy power generation systems, an energy storage system, and smart devices and applications that allow the user to control and manage the electricity produced and consumed.

For more information visit Aftonomo by Eunice webpage.

Smart Energy Management – Joltie

Joltie is an innovative and integrated energy management and saving solution, available for enterprises and homes. The solution comprises a wide range of smart devices and applications that allow users to control and manage the electricity they produce and consume. More specifically, smart meters for record and monitoring of consumption in real time are used, while loads can be controlled by smart remote switches. 

The communication and operation of all individual parts of the equipment (smart devices, PV inverters, battery inverters, EV chargers, etc.) is carried out by Joltie’s central energy management system. The Joltie platform and Joltie application for smartphones allow users to monitor their consumption and give commands to specific devices. For example, it allows users to charge batteries, turn on the electric water heater, remotely turn off air conditioners, and schedule the charging of their electric vehicle. The Joltie system applies energy management optimization algorithms in order to minimize energy costs, while using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to achieve optimal load management and to ensure the energy self-sufficiency of the installation. 

Online sizing tool platform for engineers.

Calculations and sizing of the Aftonomo system can be done quickly and easily by the interested engineers, through the platform developed by Eunice.

Engineers, after a simple registration procedure, can enter the basic data and components of the installation for a residence such as the region where the property is located, the annual electricity consumption, the square meters available for the installation of the photovoltaic system and receives analytical results for the appropriate equipment of the energy self-production, storage and management system, with indications of the resulting financial benefits, the energy savings achieved and much more.

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