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      Wind turbine, manufacturer, wind energy, Aegean Project

      Wind Turbines, Wind Energy, S4S, Cutting Edge technology

      Eunice Wind, a subsidiary of the Eunice Energy Group, is the first wind turbine manufacturer in Greece. The small wind turbine EW16 Thetis, manufactured in Mandra, Attica is designed in accordance with IEC 61400-2, while Eunice Wind has a fully integrated production with ISO 9001: 2015 certified processes. In addition, S4S, the innovative intelligent “smart energy  management” system, is also being developed by Eunice Wind.

      We Energy, is the distinctive title of Eunice Trading S.A., Eunice Energy Group and constitutes the commercial arm of the Group. The company entered into the retail sale of electricity from 01.03.2018 and continuously strengthens its presence in the field of electricity trading. 

      Eunice Laboratories, technical, renewable energies

      The establishment of Eunice Laboratories in 2008 provided the Group with experience in the field of project development, construction and operation. Eunice Laboratories offer a broad package of services with regard to Renewable Energy Projects to third parties, including financial investors, contractors, and communities.