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      The EUNICE ENERGY GROUP Group (EEG) with a steady multi-year course in the field of clean, green energy, with investments and actions that contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection, continues to innovate, following domestic and international technological developments, venturing into the field of electro-mobility with the manufacture of electric vehicle chargers.

      EV Chargers by EEG

      In the EUNICE WIND factory in Mandra, Attica, the innovative chargers of the EEG Group are manufactured through advanced design systems and a fully vertical production line with quality and technical characteristics that cover many needs and different market requirements.

      ΕΕG in Hubject network

      EEG is the first and only Greek company member of the pan-European Hubject e-mobility network EEG`s Greek chargers have been certified with the highest European standards of e-mobility.

      Blink Charging & EEG

      The EEG Group, within the framework of its collaboration with Blink Charging Co USA and the joint creation of Blink Charging Europe, which is also the first and largest customer of the Greek EEG chargers, is constantly developing a national charging network to cover the Greek territory and be connected with Europe.

      E-mobility & Green Energy Charging

      Electro-mobility is being promoted as the new status in the combat against climate change to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and it is directly linked to both electricity generation and transportation sectors.

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