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Eunice solar panels

PV panels that stand out.

In collaboration with leading manufacturers in the field of photovoltaic generators, we offer a wide range of photovoltaic panels of monocrystalline or polycrystalline technology, full or half cell, single bifacial in various power categories. Whatever your needs are, our photovoltaic panels provide high levels of energy production, long life and are offered at an attractive price-performance ratio. They have efficient cells, can be used in a wide range of applications, while their production is certified according to international quality standards.


  • Ideal for any roof type, for residential or industrial applications as well as for large scale PV systems for open spaces
  • Tested for resistance to environments saturated with salts & ammonia
  • High resistance even in areas with adverse weather conditions
  • Optimal aesthetics & design

High Yields:

  • Ideal for systems up to 1500V DC
  • Half-cell technology for optimized ) for efficiency and endurance
  • Up to 10 bus-bars cells or optimized energy production
  • Guaranteed nominal power and up to 3% more module power due to positive power tolerance
  • Up to 30 years efficiency warranty
  • Special glass that minimizes reflection for maximum performance

Extended operating life

  • Robust & compact in construction for reliable operation
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures from -40 °C to + 85 °C
  • Manufactured to withstand wind pressures (2,400 Pa) and high snow loads (5,400 Pa)
  • Up to 15 years product warranty
  • Junction Box – IP68 Protection class

Flexible design, easy installation

  • Different sizes for vertical or landscape installation
  • Easy installation thanks to their various dimensions & weight
  • Safe connections

Benefits for the installer.

  • Flexibility in project design thanks to the various power categories and dimensions
  • Portrait or landscape installation maximizing installation area surface
  • Easy transportation due to low weight. Can be installed even by a single person

Benefits for the investor.

  • Secure investment decision thanks to 15-year product warranty
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • High yield security due to warranted power of 80% of
    the nominal power for 25 years
  • High efficiency even in adverse weather conditions resulting in faster payback of the investment

Online sizing tool for engineers.

All products of the Eunice SolaX series are fully harmonized and compatible with the Aftonomo by Eunice system.

Register and use the online sizing tool for free.

Add the the region where the property is located, the annual electricity consumption, the square meters available for the installation of the photovoltaic system and get results for:

  • the appropriate equipment of the energy self-production, storage and management system,
  • the financial benefits
  • the energy saving achieved
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