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Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy

The group implements innovations, providing smart energy solutions, paving the way for Energy Democracy.

Dynamic, Healthy, Greek.

Eunice Energy Group remains Greek, exploits equity by using its own funds, draws on international partnerships and alliances with global players in the sector. It implements large investments exclusively in the field of renewable energy, surpassing the logic of profitability.



We all come together under a shared vision to jointly create by implementing new technology and innovative solutions a better, energy-efficient, independent and safe world for all, with respect for the environment and the human being.


We work together to promote energy autonomy and efficiency, in the production and storage of green energy through Renewable Energy Sources and advanced technologies, thereby strengthening social cohesion.


We stand at the front line of global developments, creating corporate value while contributing to the Country’s economic prosperity.


We create synergies for a safe, clean environment without fossil fuels, while contributing to combating energy poverty and fostering a solidarity economy with the ultimate goal to make the sun and the wind a public good and to give citizens the freedom – and the necessary support to produce, manage and exchange clean energy. In other words, to become NetProsumers.

Our Principles

The course to the great goal...

In the transition course towards Energy Democracy, next to the Eunice Group stand as allies and partners, the citizens of Greece and Europe, forces of development, trade and production.

Eunice`s ambitious strategic goal is for every Greek to become an active and conscious ΝetProsumer. To become an owner of a small EW16 Thetis Wind Turbine of 50kW, Made in Greece, a producer and user of energy from Renewable Sources.

In this scheme, everyone shall have to discover their inspiration and seek their place.

The E Way