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BLINK and EEG Chargers

Blink, the American giant in electro-mobility services, trusts the pioneering EEG in green energy for the development of the Greek charging network.

The EEG Group, within the framework of its collaboration with Blink Charging Co USA and the joint creation of Blink Charging Europe, which is also the first and largest customer of the Greek EEG chargers, is constantly developing a national charging network to cover the Greek territory and be connected with Europe.

Last May, Blink announced its entry into the European electric vehicle charging market, starting in Greece (Blink Charging Hellas), ensuring penetration into European markets at a time when electric vehicle charging is growing rapidly and the need for charging is becoming urgent.

Blink Charging Hellas focuses on the development of the urban charging model, while strengthening the creation of a national electric vehicle charging network. To create the ever-growing national network, Blink uses AC Pillar’s dual-output EEG charger as a key type, as a result of both the high technological value of its certified equipment and the cooperation of two pioneering companies.