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EEG member of the Hubject network as a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP announces its participation as a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers and an official and equal member of the Hubject network, which is the pan-European consortium of Europe’s leading energy, electro-mobility and automotive companies.

Hubject network provides cross-border access services (e-roaming) between the leading electo-mobility networks, and the possibility to Greek electric vehicle drivers, who travel throughout Europe and respectively to the drivers of other European countries visiting Greece – particularly in this period of time when due to the measures for “COVID -19” road travel is becoming the main choice of tourism and other economic activities – to charge their vehicle easily and directly, without any new subscription or registration on another platform and without any other additional financial charges.

It is noted that the chargers of the Eunice Group, which are fully compliant with the requirements of the communication protocols and Hubject specifications, can be installed in any private or public body interested in installing chargers and at the same time can be connected from any location with the international infrastructure of Hubject.


The Eunice Group produces and markets three types of electric car chargers, which are:

  1. EEG-2S-22P three-phase dual-port Pillar charger for public charging networks, which supplies electric cars with 22kW of AC power at each socket
  2. EEG-1S-22W three-phase single-port wall charger, which is installed in open or indoor areas, such as closed parking of special purpose buildings (for tourism, offices, industry, public gathering, etc.), meeting the requirements of an installation with minimum possible intervention.
  3. Household charger, single-phase, 7.4kW power, with car connectivity to the home electrical panel. It is usually provided by the supplier of the electric car or by the electricity provider.
Roaming Service

Through its platform, the Hubject network allows for e-roaming and interoperability, i.e. the communication and cooperation of charging infrastructure in all European countries and, at the same time, acts as a “clearing house” of roaming.

As part of its international partnership, Hubject is connected to more than 200,000 charging points in Europe and the United States, and more than 600 partners are involved. Indicatively, members of Hubject are: BMW Group, Bosch, Chargepoint, Daimler, Electrify America, E-ON, Renault, Siemens, Telekom, Volkswagen Group, etc.

Advantages for Eunice as a member of  HUBJECT Network

Hubject network was preceded in April 2020 by the successful completion of the certification of charging infrastructure and technological applications of electro-mobility, produced by the Greek Energy Group , with own funds, in its own facilities in Greece, according to the highest European standards of electric propulsion, with the corresponding certificates of high know-how and equipment quality.

The first and only distinction for Greece of manufacture and technological pioneering in the field of energy and electro-mobility; by sealing its participation in the Hubject network, Eunice Group:

  • Includes Greece in European and international networks and markets operating in the development of electro-mobility technologies. Through its network, Hubject certifies the technical capability and compatibility of Greek Eunice chargers, allowing all its members to use Greek EEG chargers in Greece and other European countries;
  • Creates the necessary conditions for the development of electro-mobility. 
  • Brings domestic added value to electro-mobility investments, in favor of the national economy, growth and employment, by participating in projects and investments in the initiatives of the Greek state and the European Union for sustainable transportation, energy transition and circular economy.
  • Raises once again on the podium of global recognition the Greek production of energy innovation.
  • Carries on the development of emblematic and internationally recognized energy projects and products, such as EW-16 Thetis, the Greek wind turbine, which like Greek electric car chargers is produced in the modern and innovative privately-owned unit of the Eunice Group in Mandra, Attica. The Intelligent Electricity Network (IEN) know-how program, with the characteristic name “S4S” (STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY), developed in the award-winning “TILOS Project”, also implemented by the Eunice Energy Group, which has been put into normal operation on Tilos Island, etc.
  • Gives strength, by combining the environmental advantages of electro-mobility with those of “green” charging, as WE ENERGY, a member of the EEG Group, is the FIRST and ONLY GREEK PROVIDER of 100% CLEAN, GREEN ELECTRICITY produced by privately-owned, wind farms, solar parks and hybrid projects that the Group has created throughout Greece through its twenty years of successful investment course.