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Smart Energy Management System

S4S system (STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY) is the EEG’s pioneering technology system for “smart” management of energy produced. It includes software that integrates multiple sources of energy together with storage to create a secure smart network.

S4S intelligently manages both energy production and storage. In addition, with the help of the smart load feature, also developed within the S4S, it is also possible to include controlled loads to the power management system. This ensures smart production and consumption management.

S4S introduces sustainable energy generation and storage in the energy sector, while ensuring security and smart solutions for energy management, both in terms of demand and production, in order to render the system’ operation more economical and efficient.

Part of the S4S was first implemented in the internationally awarded “TILOS Project” paving the way and providing a critical trigger and catalytic example of applied energy transfer technology, with immediate and measurable benefits to the environment, economy and energy consumers in the remote island of the Dodecanese at present and in a wider area in the future.

The first Hybrid Power Station in operation on the island of Tilos is the starting point and benchmark for all new investments of the Group, which are self-financing. Furthermore, the Project is a landmark for Greece while having an impact on a wider European scale too.

The aim of the Group is to disseminate the scientific results of the Tilos Hybrid Power Production Station and replicate this investment model in similar projects on the Aegean islands as well as abroad.

View the real data of Tilos Hybrid Power System in operation by clicking here:

Advantages at a glance:

  • Modular solution that makes the system easy to transport even by air
  • Compatible with different energy storage technologies
  • Flexible and adaptable to any environment from 40kW to 500kW combining photovoltaic and wind turbine with fully automated operation
  • Successful implementation on the island of Tilos with measurable results (
  • Fully integrated subsystem performance and efficiency control modules
  • In-house SCADA
  • Easy installation and minimal O&M requirements
  • Long life span with customization options and extensions
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