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EW16 Thetis

The small wind turbine (SWT) EW16 thetis, manufactured by EUNICE WIND, leads the way for the small wind turbine market, covering the needs of small to medium-sized wind projects. The fully integrated manufacturing process ensures that EW16 thetis is an innovative product while at the same time meets the strictest international regulations for interconnecting to energy networks.

With a rated power of 50kW, maximum height of 29 meters and a weight of 10,5 tons, EW16 thetis is a well-built durable design proven in the harshest environmental conditions.

EW16 thetis is designed according to IEC 61400-2 and related standards (IEC 61000, IEC 61439, DIN EN 61140 etc.).  It fulfills the European Union’s electrical safety regulations,  while any adaption to fulfill other electrical requirements is possible.

Due to the technology AC–DC–AC Converter EW16 thetis can be controlled and configured accordingly to the needs of the grid. This enables EW16 thetis to connect to any grid around the world, both in terms of grid requirements and power.

The basic prototype of EW16 thetis has been installed in Germany near the North Sea and already operates for 4 years. Ideal for grid-connected or standalone installations and energy communities, with very low noise levels and low maintenance requirements, EW16 thetis stands out for its high reliability and efficient design.

In addition, the small wind turbine is designed to operate in micro-grids as well as Smart Grids and it can fully function in harmony with the S4S system, developed by EEG.