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EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG)  invests in people and ideas, integrates but also develops cutting-edge technology, creates and shapes innovations, produces advanced components, devices, and integrated systems.

Το R&D – Research and Development is not just a segment but a horizontal and ongoing activity for the Group, a key element of diversification from other energy companies. From the very first moment, it is a strategic choice for the Group to insist that every project development, generates knowledge, technology, and innovations through the implementation of systems in real conditions.

Thus, each project of the Group ensures also a designing lead in each subsequent application.

Design, construction, and management of solar and wind parks, design improvements and production of wind turbine EW16 θέτις, the development of S4S hybrid system for production, storage, and management of energy from RES, software development, Smart, Intelligence, design and production of smart meters, development of an electric vehicle charging network …

EEG has a tradition of leading pioneering and introducing innovations that are proven to be of high quality, functional and cost-effective.

Especially during the last 5 years, EEG has acquired invaluable know-how and advanced technological background in hybrid systems and energy storage. As a result, it is a full member of EASE (European Association for Storage of Energy), which includes leading and pioneering companies active with operations in the whole spectrum of energy storage applications.