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S4S – Hybrid Energy System

S4S (STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY) is an in-house developed smart energy management system that integrates energy storage with various renewable energy sources and electricity consumption. S4S combines real-time meteorological, technical and operational data for securing uninterrupted power supply, even in the most remote locations. The future development of S4S will focus on becoming a fully integrated renewable energy production and energy management system that promotes prosumer and energy community ideology as part of smart grid applications.

As a result of the first implementation of the S4S system in Tilos island, the island became largely free from fossil fuel-based electricity generation and at the same time secured the electricity consumption needs on the island. 

EEG`s strategic goal is to disseminate the know-how from TILOS Project and replicate the concept in similar projects among energy communities and islands. 

EEG is strongly involved with several energy communities in Greece and is committed to assist them at all stages of their development. A good example is the energy community in Fournoi island, Greece. Fournoi energy community was established between local government, local residents and EEG. The objective is to develop and implement a renewable energy project with energy storage and smart grid that will secure sustainable and affordable energy to the residents on the island. After implementation, Fournoi will be Europe’s first smart grid-based “green” Island that applies S4S technology to its full extent.


THE S4S In Tilos island IN OPERATION