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Smart Home Devices

We are going through a transition period when the electricity consumer is simultaneously becoming a producer and consumer (prosumer) and at the same time NetProsumer by participating in smart micro-grids and energy communities. NetProsumer is ecologically conscious, wants to reduce dependence on the electricity grid and achieve greater energy autonomy and seeks to conserve energy.

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), aiming at innovation, has developed a comprehensive energy management and conservation solution for businesses and homes. The solution offered consists of smart devices and applications that allow the users to control and manage the amount of electricity they generate and consume.

Smart Home Devices – Advantages:

  • The system has been developed by the specialized R&D Department of the EEG Group. This significantly reduces dependency on third-party vendors, and through high-tech know-how and complete verticalization of software and hardware, future system modifications or upgrades can be carried out easily and quickly.
  • The hardware consists of electricity meters and remote control switches, while the proprietary software is programmed for taking consumption metrics, processing and storing data, monitoring
    energy status, managing energy consumption and energy produced by photovoltaics, as well as that stored in accumulators (batteries).
  • Direct and reliable data transmission uses technologies and protocols applied to Internet of Things devices, by using wireless communication, which significantly differentiates this system from the competition.
  • The system is provided with a mobile application (smartphone and tablet application) as well as a web application which is available online from any browser and computer. These applications enable the user to monitor in real time the “energy status” of their home, as well as to make decisions and control commands on the basis of their best financial interest through more efficient energy management.