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EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) invests in people and ideas, integrates but also develops cutting-edge technology, creates and shapes innovations produces advanced components, devices, and integrated systems.


At its privately owned facilities in Mandra, Attica, EUNICE WIND uses sophisticated design systems and has a fully integrated production line, achieving the ultimate quality control. The first and most successful achievement is the high performance small wind turbine EW16 θέτις , with total power 50kW.

EW16 Thetis

EW16 Θέτις is the first MADE in GREECE Wind Turbine manufactured by EUNICE WIND in a vertically integrated production line in Mandra, Attica.


The S4S is an autonomous and integrated smart system for the production and energy management. Its name means STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY, and its great advantage is its interconnection with other systems and networks.