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EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) is currently the sole energy company in Greece that generates and supplies electricity to the customers, EXCLUSIVELY from Renewable Energy Sources. 

Eunice” (eu+níkē) was one of the mythical sea nymphs, the Nereides, and it means “good victory” in ancient Greek.

EEG was established in 2001 and it continuously innovates, develops, invests in wide range of renewable energy projects and solutions in Greece and abroad.

100% Clean, Renewable,Green Energy.
  • Operating wind energy and PV portfolio of about 100MW
  • Project development pipeline 650MW at licensing stage
  • A world scale AIGAIO wind project of 582MW on remote and uninhabited islets of the Cyclades and Dodecanese complex of the Aegean Sea under environmental licensing
  • Developer of innovative energy management system, S4S, that combines various renewable energy sources with storage also supports smart grid and NetProsumer ideology either on physical or grid island locations
  • Owner and operator of the hybrid power station in Tilos island
  • Manufacturer of a small wind turbine EW16 Thetis 50kW, integrated with battery storage, in Mandra, Attica
  • Developer & producer of Smart Home Devices, innovative smart energy meters & EV Chargers
  • Active in electricity trading and a supplier of “green” electricity through its retail arm, WE ENERGY
  • The Group recently announced the signing of the joint venture with Blink Charging Co., USA for entering electricity vehicle charging market in Greece and Europe
  • Employs 75 highly skilled professionals in all areas of renewable energy development, technology and businesses

The Group’s versatile business activities demonstrate its vision on the new era of energy companies that combine sustainability, technology and solution-driven customer relationship. 

Being financially robust, independent and pioneering, EEG continuously pursues investment opportunities and innovations that bring sustainable energy and consumers together in everyday life. 

EEG - Partner of choice with recognized reputation.

Through international technology and investment alliances, EEG implements in practice the major changes that are now reshaping the energy industry worldwide.