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The First Group


The pioneering Greek force in clean, green renewable energy! 

Eunice” (eu+níkē) was one of the mythical sea nymphs, the Nereides, and it means “good victory” in ancient Greek.

The Eunice Group is the first and only company in Greece that produces clean, green energy exclusively from renewable sources. It is one of the leading companies in the field of Renewable Sources in our country and holds an important position in the international energy map with many years of experience in the development of innovative and integrated solutions and services for the production and use of RES.


Due to the climate crisis and the imperative shift of the energy sector towards renewable energy sources with zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, the Eunice Group, with its own funds, supports a wide range of green energy activities.

Eunice`s activities include wind and photovoltaic projects throughout Greece, the first two large and innovative energy storage projects, innovative systems of autonomy and energy independence, the construction of the first and only Greek wind turbine EW16 Thetis and the construction of Greek chargers.


At the same time, the Group plays a leading role in the emerging sectors of smart energy management, electricity grid and the provision of exclusively clean and green electricity, through its subsidiary, We Energy.

100% Clean, Renewable,Green Energy.

All this is just the beginning of the Eunice Group in a well-planned transition to a new era of energy management. The Group, financially healthy, independent and pioneering, has a stable orientation in the production and application of Clean Energy.


It has specialized human resources with excellent know-how, scientific and technical experience and skills. Evolving innovations, Eunice is established as the Greek force for the application of energy from RES in everyday life.

A Greek Group with renewable DNA!

Twenty years after its establishment and operation, the Eunice Group today, more than ever, stands close to human and the protection of the environment.


With a steady orientation and consistency all these years in activities and innovations related exclusively to clean green energy, with a vehicle of new technologies and with a view to the future, through the technologically advanced products that it develops, the Eunice Group creates all the conditions, so that the transition to the next day of energy places him at the forefront of European and international energy technology and sustainable development, with a Greek footprint and high domestic added value.