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The ONLY Provider in Greece with 100% clean, green electricity.

We Energy, is a purely Greek company, a member of the Eunice Group and as the ONLY provider in the Greek market with 100% clean, green electricity, provides Greek businesses and households with electricity exclusively from 100% renewable sources.

Its activities include:

Our vision

Our vision is to provide consistent access to the cutting – edge global developments and at the same time to create TOGETHER (WE), with respect to the environment, a world of sustainable development and energy autonomy for everyone.

Proven Corporate Social Responsibility


We Energy opens new avenues for Corporate Social Responsibility of Greek companies by granting its corporate customers the “Green Sign”.

Each company that becomes client of We Energy automatically receives the “G.O. Guarrantee of Origin Certification”, which certifies, that its holder uses electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

The “Green Sign” provides businesses with the opportunity to strengthen their corporate identity and gain consumer`s confidence and loyalty.

Companies can place the “Green Sign” on their product packaging, their shops, corporate vehicles, and use it for all communication purposes and activities.