Alliance of EUNICE Energy Group (EEG) with the first Agricultural Energy Community OEB Thessaly

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) sealed the alliance and its cooperation with the farmers of Thessaly at the special event of the foundation of the photovoltaic park of the 1st Energy Community of OEB Thessaly, which took place on Friday, November 16, at 12.30, in Koilada, Larissa.

The EUNICE Energy Group’s (EEG) alliance with the 1st Energy Community OEB Thessaly, converts farmers and breeders in Thessaly from consumers to modern producers and managers of green energy. At the same time, ensures for them multiple benefits, in the short and long term, setting the path towards sustainable agriculture and the Energy Democracy.

The plan of the 1st Energy Community OEB Thessaly foresees a reduction in production costs for irrigation in Thessaly crops by 80% over the next few years, and consequently savings in energy used for flood protection at the central pumping stations. Energy cost reduction is a direct and measurable economic benefit for producers and at the same time it minimises their environmental footprint. Competitive prices combined with a certification of use of energy from Renewable Energy Sources are strong advantages of promoting their products on domestic and international markets.

Energy and technical adviser of the 1st Energy Community OEB Thessaly is EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), the first in Greece to invest in, produce and supply electricity exclusively from renewable sources. The Group is also manufacturing the first Greek wind turbine EW16 θέτις and develops the innovative S4S (Storage for: Saving, Solutions, Smart grid, Sustainability) energy production and management system.

The construction of the photovoltaic park, which will cover the energy needs of the farmers for irrigation, is expected to begin immediately and be in operation in Spring 2019. The RES (PV & Wind Generator) system of total power 1MW, is manufactured and managed by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG).

Mr. Dimitris Rachiotis, (Environmental Policy and Sustainability Sector of EEG), an Energy Communities expert, presented the prospects:

“According to the legislation, each Energy Community is entitled to the construction of 1MW project. Energy needs of the members of 1st Energy Community OEB of Thessaly sums to 11 MW, therefore the current plan is about the creation of an extra Energy Community per TOEB. This is how we are about to gradually meet the energy needs of all Thessalian farmers “.

Mr. Rachiotis mentioned that all necessary processes have already begun and then he referred to specific figures. First P/V park will produce about 1.5 million kWh, covering about 80% of the energy needs for irrigation of about 5,000 farmers, setting an example for Energy Communities to follow.

Interviewed by the journalist Mr. Lazaros Theodorakidis, “Real FM”/Thessaloniki, Mr. Dimitris Rachiotis stressed : “First community’s photovoltaic park with a power of 900-950kW will be supported by a small wind turbine EW16 θέτις, made in Greece by EEG, which will add 50kW to total system power of 1MW. The Energy Community, made up of Land Improvement Organizations (OEB) of all Thessaly, will offset the energy consumption of the irrigation needs of Thessaly’s farmers with the production from photovoltaic park and small wind turbine. When the PV and WT will be in operation, the needs of more than 5,000 farmer will be met. In due time, the needs of about 25,000 farmers in Thessaly will be met. According to moderate calculations, €2,000,000 Euros will be saved in next 20 years. This is an annual financial benefit of over €70-80,000, which will be passed to farmers through reduced electricity bills”.

Mr. Rachiotis also referred to the energy footprint and the benefits of operating an RES system, noting that:

“This project will produce green energy of about 1.5 million kWh per year, with zero pollution to the environment. The same amount of energy if produced by oil would create a release 88.000 τόνους CO2 in the atmosphere.”

The symbolic foundation of the project was made by the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Vasilis Kokkalis along with the President of the Center for Renewable Sources and Saving (CRES) Mr. Vassilis Tsolakidis. The ceremony was attended by The Regional Governor of Thessaly Mr. Kostas Agorastos, the Mayor of Larissa Mr. Apostolos Kalogiannis, the MP of Larissa Mr. Nikos Papadopoulos and crowds.

Note that the first Rural Energy Community was created in Thessaly with the assistance of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (HMAT), the General Land Improvement Organization of Thessaly and 9 local Land Improvement Organizations from Larissa, Karditsa and Farsala (Pinios, Tausani, Enipeas, Selanon, Sofadon, Titaniou, Damasiou, Matiou Tyrnavou, Agias Sofias).