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Eunice Energy Group

Eunice Energy Group is the first Greek Group to develop and invest in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, generating and allocating electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
The Group implements novelties and delivers smart energy solutions. Soon, every individual or facility will be able to become a NetProsumer -a producer as well as a part in the energy exchange grid. By developing and applying innovations, Eunice is appointed and established as the Greek power to implement energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in everyday life.

100% Clean, Green Energy for Everyone

20years of
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    R&D and Production

    Eunice develops cutting-edge technologies and produces advanced components, devices, and fully integrated systems. Manufactures the small wind turbine EW16 Thetis, develops the S4S smart energy management system and Aftonomo by Eunice system for energy autonomy and independence, designs and manufactures EV Chargers.

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    We Energy

    We Energy, provides homes and businesses with electricity produced exclusively from renewable energy sources. We Energy also participates in the Energy Exchange.

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    AIGAIO Project

    Eunice Energy Group designs and implements major energy projects, such as the AIGAIO Project. 138 wind turbines installed in 23 Aegean islets, with a total rated power of 582MW, will change the country's energy map.

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    EV Charging Network

    Eunice Energy Group is at the forefront of technological developments and green initiatives with the provision of charging solutions for electromobility, with an in-house manufacturing facility.


An International Leadership

As one of the leading renewable energy companies in Greece, Eunice Energy Group is also the industry leader in the development of distributed energy and Smart Grid solutions. As an example of distributed energy solutions and as the leading partner of the Consortium, Eunice funded, designed and built the original project that gained international recognition and established the Group in the lead of clean energy. After implementation, Tilos Island became, with electricity generation from renewable sources, largely free from fossil fuel-based electricity generation and at the same time satisfied the electricity consumption needs on the island. Today Eunice owns and operates the pioneering S4S Hybrid Power Station in Tilos island while the Group’s strategic goal is to disseminate the know-how of the Project and to replicate the model in similar projects among energy communities and European islands. The Project has already impressive and measurable results. See the actual production data.


We all come together under a shared vision to jointly create by implementing new technology and innovative solutions a better, energy-efficient, independent and safe world for all, with respect for the environment and the human being.

Eunice makes its mark on the innovation of Electro-Mobility!

The Eunice Group with a steady multi-year course in the field of clean, green energy, with investments and actions that contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection, continues to innovate, following domestic and international technological developments, venturing into the field of electro-mobility with the manufacture of electric vehicle chargers.

In the Eunice Wind factory in Mandra, Attica, the innovative chargers of the Eunice Group are manufactured through advanced design systems and a fully vertical production line with quality and technical characteristics that cover many needs and different market requirements.




Since 2001, Eunice Energy Group has been constantly investing, innovating and developing activities in the whole spectrum of Renewable Energy Sources field. From design and production to distribution and development of smart grids, smart cities, smart islands.

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