We are Eunice!

Eunice is the sole Energy Group in Greece that generates and supplies electricity exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources. As pioneers of the production of exclusively clean, green energy, Eunice contributes dynamically in shaping the industry, by implementing private investments and developing strong national and international alliances and partnerships.

With a significant position on the international energy map as well as the Greek and global green economy, and with more than 20 years of experience in the development of innovative and integrated solutions for the production and utilization of renewables, Eunice supports a wide range of green activities and operates across a wide spectrum of renewable and sustainable projects with energy efficiency stretching along the value chain.

With a strategic focus towards new technological advancements, Eunice envision a clean, green world of a collaborative co-existence where energy independence and energy autonomy is obtained by every citizen, and energy management and control is possible and achievable, anytime and from anywhere.

100% Clean, Green Energy for Everyone

22years of

Eunice Solutions

Complete solutions for energy autonomy & independence for homes, businesses & industries.

Eunice Products

Complete range of renewable energy technology products for every scale and every need.

Eunice Power

The only provider in Greece with 100% clean, green electricity.

Eunice Projects

PCI projects, energy interconnections & green islands.


We Create Greatness

With a consistent orientation and consistency in activities and innovations related exclusively to clean green energy, with investments in innovative products, large-scale storage systems and green islands, the Eunice Group is ranked at the forefront of European and international energy technology, with a Greek footprint and high domestic added value.


years of experience

> 1650MW

Project pipeline

> 100ΜW

installed power


Chargers throughout Greece

Supplier of the largest EV network with Greek chargers


We are a green tech solutions` integrator

We offer complete solutions of energy autonomy and independence for home, business or industry. Photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines, power converters, storage, electric vehicle chargers and their complete energy management, all in a single system, from one point of contact.

A Global Avant-Garde

The Eunice Group Renewable Energy, Hybrid Power Generation, Storage and Self-Management Station on the island of Tilos has won four international awards and international recognition. The S4S energy technology and innovation system of the Eunice Group, which operates at the hybrid plant, is the applied technology of energy autonomy and independence, can combine different energy sources, wind turbine and photovoltaic, with storage, while applying meteorological, meteorological, technical, real-time storage and operation to ensure uninterrupted power supply of the electrical system safely and at the lowest possible cost.


We are Pioneers in Electromobility

Eunice offers complete charging solutions for electric vehicles for every need, combining high quality products with top services.

From the construction & installation of the Eunice charger to the after sales and maintenance.


Our Vision

A world where every individual is a NetProsumer, every household is energy autonomous and every state is energy independent.

Our Mission

To provide innovative green tech solutions, empower humanity towards a smart green living, and eternally pave the way for energy democracy.



With devotion to clean, green energy

The innovations, collaborations and all the actions of the Eunice Group are related to the utilization of clean green electricity from RES that finds application in the daily life of all citizens, with direct and indirect – but very important benefits for all.


Healthy, Strong, Greek

The Group remains Greek, invests equity, enters into international partnerships. Its financial strength allows it to produce knowledge and innovations, to participate in major projects and to represent Greece worthily on the front line of the world energy chessboard.


Thetis tells a story

Eunice’s decision to build its own EW16 Thetis wind turbine in Greece goes beyond the logic of profitability. It proves in practice the unwavering commitment of the Group to be itself a factor of sustainable development and progress that diffuses into society.


Everyone becomes a NetProsumer

The Eunice Group, through its targeted actions and actions, enables the current sole-consumer to become NetProsumer the very next day. Own or participate in a clean green energy plant and be part of an energy exchange network. Thus, by zeroing the cost, it can meet its energy needs.


Energy autonomy

The Eunice Group is constantly implementing and evolving the S4S, an intelligent energy self-management system that ensures energy autonomy at every scale.

If you want to discover the ecosystem of Eunice, to get to know our complete solutions, products and services, contact us.


We participate in major projects

Since 2001, the Eunice Group has been continuously investing, innovating and developing products and systems covering the entire range of RES energy utilization. From the design and production of energy and technology products and services to the provision of integrated systems of autonomy, services and products of electrification, PCI projects, energy interfaces and “green” islands.


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