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EW16 Thetis

Eunice Wind is the first Greek company to manufacture wind turbines. Located in Mandra, Attica, uses sophisticated design systems and has a fully integrated production line, achieving the ultimate quality control. Eunice Wind manufactures EW16 Thetis, the first MADE IN GREECE wind turbine


Eunice Energy Group, aiming at innovation, has developed a comprehensive energy management and conservation solution for businesses and homes. The solution offered consists of smart devices and applications that allow the users to control and manage the amount of electricity they generate and consume.


S4S system (STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY) is the EEG’s pioneering technology system for “smart” management of energy produced. It includes software that integrates multiple sources of energy together with storage to create a secure smart network.

EV Chargers

Στο εργοστάσιο της Eunice Wind παράγονται τρεις τύποι φορτιστών ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων.Ο φορτιστής Pillar διπλής φόρτισης, ο επιτοίχιος μονής φόρτισης, και ο οικιακός φορτιστής, μονοφασικός ισχύος.

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