CRETE: Pioneer in Hydrogen Production with the European Project CRAVE H2

HORIZON – CRAVE H2 project meeting in Heraklion today,
in which the Region of Crete is a partner.

The regular annual meeting of the leading HORIZON – CRAVE H2 project, hosted by the Region of Crete as a partner of the project, took place in Heraklion today, 14 May 2024 – launching the process of implementing the large-scale hydrogen production project in the area of Aterinolakkos.

The project, entitled “HORIZON – CRAVE H2: CRETE AEGEAN HYDROGEN VALLEY”, represents the ambitious effort to create a hydrogen production and storage centre in Crete, in the context of the energy transition and the decarbonisation of fossil fuels.

The project, which combines the technological knowledge and experience of several partners from across Europe, aims to create a Hydrogen Valley in Crete, offering solutions for the island’s energy independence and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
During the first day of the meeting, the progress and technical characteristics of the project were presented, while the vital importance of the project for the island of Crete, Greece and the whole of Europe in general was highlighted.

The representatives of the Region of Crete expressed their support for this initiative and underlined the importance of hydrogen as a clean fuel and energy source.

In particular, on behalf of the Region of Crete, the Vice-Regional Head of Environment Nikos Xylouris stressed that Hydrogen has started to enter our lives in two ways: as a clean fuel and as a storage of energy produced from Renewable Energy Sources. He noted the full support of the Region in the promotion of Hydrogen projects.

The Regional Councillor of Crete and Commissioner for European and International Affairs, George Alexakis, referred to the actions that the Region of Crete has already taken for the transition to clean energy and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by providing its support to hydrogen promotion projects on the island. “The creation of the Hydrogen Valley is not only a great opportunity for the energy independence of Crete but also an opportunity to free from fossil fuels key economic sectors such as maritime shipping and to create a hub for exports” – Alexakis noted and added that it must be ensured that “every citizen can benefit from the advantages of the energy transition”.

Also, the Vice President of the energy group Eunice, – which is the lead partner of the project – George Pehlivanoglou pointed out that the production of Hydrogen especially on islands, such as Crete, is a big challenge. He stressed that this project opens new paths and the Eunice Group is ready to cope with the implementation of the project.
The Project Coordinator, on behalf of the Lead Partner Eunice, Spyros Economou, stressed that the creation of the first Hydrogen Valley in Greece is an event of significant value, as we are also creating the “value chain” of the project. He spoke of a project that attracts global interest and is important not only for Crete and Greece, but also for Europe. Presenting the existing Hydrogen production network in Europe, he noted that with a horizon of 2040, Crete will be within this network.

Tomorrow, during the second part of the meeting, the partners will visit the site of Atherinolakkos, which has been selected as the main site for hydrogen production and energy storage.

Crete, through the HORIZON – CRAVE H2 programme, is playing a central role in shaping a sustainable and clean energy future reality.

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