EUNICE Energy Group is the exclusive & proud sponsor of the exhibition of the renowned artist Apostolos Koustas

The opening of the solo exhibition entitled “Embracement” took place at the Hellenic American Union Gallery

Athens, 9 March 2023


On Saturday, March 4, 2023, the opening of the solo art exhibition of the renowned printmaker and painter Apostolos Koustas entitled “Embracement” was held, whose exclusive and proud sponsor is EUNICE Energy Group.

The event presents the artist’s work 20 years after his first solo exhibition “Rock paintings”, which includes engraving prints, painting and portable murals, sculptures and drawings milestones of his work of twenty years in constant dialogue with his earlier works. In the 35 years he has been serving art, A. Koustas has also managed to win the artistic public abroad by holding solo exhibitions, with works that have as their main characteristic the mythical dimension.

The Group’s Head of Communications, Ms. Michalaki said: “In the midst of the difficulty of these days and mourning, following the tragic accident in Tempi, we are launching an exhibition dedicated to the memory of the victims. Art is one of the few forces that can act as a consolation to human suffering. EUNICE Energy Group, a firm supporter of culture, is the exclusive sponsor of the solo exhibition of the renowned artist Apostolos Koustas. The Group’s main priority is the development and support of culture in our country. We are honoured to be able to contribute to this special exhibition, which the public seems to embrace. For EUNICE Energy Group, giving back to our society is the best source of energy.”

The exhibition takes place at the Hellenic American Union Gallery (22 Massalias Street, Athens) and will run until March 28, with free admission.

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