EUNICE: science and the market provide a direct and fast implementation ticket of GAP, of 2GW total capacity

The advantages of the GAP project, Greece-Egypt power interconnector, were presented in the 26th Economist Government Roundtable

The energy, financial, technical and geostrategic advantages of the power interconnection of Egypt with Crete of the project “Greece Africa Power Interconnector” (GAP) were presented by Dr. – Ing. Giorgos Pechlivanoglou, Vice President of Eunice Group, during the proceedings of the 26th Economist Government Roundtable: ”Antitheses, transformations, achievements in a changing world”. 

As the Vice President of Eunice, the Greek energy Group, stressed, the big energy project GAP, the Greek-Egypt power interconnection, of 2000 megawatt (2GW) total capacity is of international importance, as it connects Europe with Africa. At the same time, it is of European interest, included in the development plan of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), for 2022. Furthermore, the funding of GAP final studies and construction has resulted in the official expression of interest by the World Bank and other big financial groups, while the implementation of GAP is supported by the Atlantic Council, the official technical advisor of the USA administration.

The EUNICE Vice President highlighted in particular that “the technical advantages of GAP ensure both the technical and construction feasibility as well as the financial viability of the project, as confirmed by the highly significant investment interest already attracted by the project”.

He explained that GAP ensures the shortest and safest interconnection of Egypt, from the Mersa Matruh region, with Greece, at Atherinolakko, Lasithi, Crete, by setting a cable of only 400 km, via a route, safe from a seismic point of view, to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, characteristically stressing that: “the technical science and the market provided a direct and fast implementation ticket for GAP”.

  • ”The exploitation of the Greek-Egyptian EEZ and the close interstate cooperation between the two countries, is a historic opportunity for the implementation of innovative projects, which can change the energy and geopolitical map of the area”, added Dr. Pechlivanoglou, stressing that: “Eunice Group becomes a supporter in this national and international effort via the projects it develops and the know-how it introduces in the market”
  • ”The transcontinental interconnection project Greece Africa Power Interconnector (GAP) of international importance is at the same time connected with the project of European and national importance of Eunice Group, the Southern Aegean Interconnector (SAI), a power interconnector of Attica, Dodecanese and Crete, so that the optimal energy transmission between Greece and Egypt, and, therefore, between Europe and Africa, is allowed, reinforcing the energy security in Greece and Europe”, the Eunice Vice President also stressed, highlighting that:
  • ”In a period that the entire world faces unique challenges in the fields of economy, transportations, geopolitics and, in particular, energy, trying at the same time to address the environmental and financial challenges related to energy generation and transmission, it is important to remember that the national and international interconnections, where the specific GAP project provides the energy infrastructure providing energy to the Balkan countries of South Eastern Europe, promoting Greece to an Energy Hub, constitute a highly effective tool for the use and penetration of renewable energy sources and the increase of energy security”.


the Atlantic Council

«…the Greece-Africa Power Interconnector, is approved by EU regulatory authorities and is part of the ten-year development plan of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).”



“Deloitte is in the pleasant position to participate in this unique geostrategic project and offer its technical support, analyzing the technical and financial characteristics of the project: Greek – Egypt Interconnection.



“Asso.subsea is in the pleasant position to participating this unique geostrategic project and offer its technical support, providing technical elements for Greece – Egypt interconnection”


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