EUNICE TRADING SA, part of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), activates one of the first RES Aggregator Licences in Greece.

At the front line of energy market restructuring and RES promotion, through the Hellenic Energy Exchange.


EUNICE TRADING SA, a member of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), is fully activating one of the first RES Aggregator Licences in Greece. The Licence has been granted to EUNICE TRADING AGGREGATOR by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), after technical and financial adequacy criteria were met.

The EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), owner of EUNICE TRADING SA, is the first and only Greek Group to produce and distribute energy generated exclusively from renewable sources. It is the only provider of 100% green energy generated by privately-owned wind and solar farms and hybrid projects established across Greece, following 20 successful years of self-funded investment in developing infrastructure and innovative technology for generating, storing and self-managing energy from RES, and attaining impressive levels of international recognition.

EUNICE TRADING SA already successfully represents a significant portfolio of renewable projects over 20 MW in the wholesale market, and in parallel is also partnering with major players in Greece and abroad that have extensive experience in RES production unit forecasting models. Meanwhile, combining top-level technical know-how with expert staff, it has developed suitable innovative energy management programs for conducting and settling transactions with associated production units.


Licensing of EUNICE TRADING AGGREGATOR and its immediate activation in the wholesale market, means EUNICE TRADING SA:

  • Participates in the operation of the newly-established company Hellenic Energy Exchange SA (HEnEx SA) and is at the front line of developments surrounding energy market restructuring.
  • Plays a leading part in promoting the competitive RES market, in view of the fully operational Target Model for the energy market. According to the legislation, it transfers responsibility for market balancing to RES producers, while the commercial management of RES units is assigned to aggregators.
  • Offers protection from volatility in RES production and ensures greater revenues for RES producers.
  • Helps ensure that consumers enjoy the benefits of green energy, thanks to the more favourable charges that will arise from the regulated market and the efficiencies it generates.
  • Paves the way for the implementation of new RES projects to bring about an energy transition, to the benefit of the economy, growth and employment.
  • Follows the steady vision of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) for sustainable development with 100% clean energy, at the front line of developments towards an Energy Democracy.
  • Encourages partnership, participation and synergy between stakeholders in the market and society, and the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), so everyone can benefit.
  • Promotes the transition from the consumer, i.e. the simple energy consumer, and prosumer, i.e. the consumer who produces energy by placing photovoltaic panels on the roof for example, to the Net Prosumer, who produces, consumes and stores energy, becomes part of the grid and sells any surplus energy on his own, so that everyone benefits from the energy produced from natural resources – meaning the abundant Greek wind and sun – and that such energy is accessible and available to all.

By participating in the Hellenic Energy Exchange, EUNICE TRADING AGGREGATOR, with its fully operational Target Model, is also able to offer additional products to secure cash flows for RES producer projects (by entering into bilateral agreements between RES producers, suppliers and aggregators), thereby limiting the volatility of future cash flows which is a necessary condition for funding the construction of RES projects.

In accordance with Law 4014/2016, owners of RES and HECHP power plants who enter into Sliding Premium Aid Agreements can participate in Day-Ahead Scheduling and the Aggregator System Operator’s Trading Scheme by entering into Representation Agreements with aggregators declared to the Market Operator and System Operator via Representation Statements.

Under certain circumstances, other RES producers can or must participate either directly or via Aggregators, e.g. small photovoltaic projects over 400 kW connected to the grid after July 2019.

Upon acceptance of the Representation Statement, the rights and obligations of owners of RES and HECHP power plants relating to Participation, Clearing, Billing, and Settlement are transferred to the Aggregators. These rights and obligations are specified in the Power Transactions Code, the System Management Code, and other relevant Codes and Manuals in effect following the operation of the EU target model for the domestic energy market.

The deviation and balancing costs and risks, both during the transitional stage and during the normal operational stage of the Target Model, are transferred to the Aggregator for a specific fee.

In this way, producers are no longer burdened by production forecasting risk and the significant penalties imposed, and can safely schedule future cash flows.

EUNICE TRADING SA: operates under the established trade name WE ENERGY, and is the number one choice among households and businesses wishing to consume clean, green electricity. It provides clean energy to the Greek and European electric vehicle charging network operated by the joint venture Blink Charging Europe, in the context of the partnership between WE ENERGY, an energy production subsidiary of the Greek EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), and the leading US firm Blink Charging Co in the area of electric vehicle products and services. The Greek Renewable Energy Sources and Guarantees of Origin Operator (DAPEEP) named this company a champion clean energy provider for 2018. The company continued performing just as well in 2019, with 100% of its energy mix in absolute terms being clean energy, by far the highest out of all other suppliers in Greece.