Greek-American Senator, Andreas Borgeas, Takes Helm of Greece-Egypt Electrical Interconnection Project (GAP)

Andreas Borgeas

With a distinguished presence on the American and international political scene, and strong ties to Greece, Borgeas is tapped to lead the transnational consortium of the GAP. “We are helping Greece become an energy leader in the SE Mediterranean and Europe.”

EUNICE Group announces that Andreas Borgeas, former California State Senator (USA), has joined the Group as CEO of Greece-Africa Power Interconnector (GAP), the transnational electricity interconnection project between Greece and Egypt.

In his new position, Mr. Borgeas will lead efforts to advance the international consortium, working with leadership representatives from Greece, Egypt, and the European Union to accelerate the completion of the electrical interconnection project between the two continents, Europe and Africa. The GAP consortium continues to expand its network of partnerships by admitting new members with significant experience in similar international-scale projects.

Andreas Borgeas, a Greek American, has served in a number of public capacities, including as a prominent Republican member of the Senate (2018-2022) and as a federally appointed commissioner on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. During his political career he strongly advocated for Greek positions on key foreign policy issues. Andreas Borgeas Ph.D. was a Fulbright Scholar in Greece and completed graduate studies at Harvard University, Georgetown Law School and Panteion University in Athens.

Andreas Borgeas, CEO of Greece-Africa Power Interconnector, said: “It is a great honor for me to join a project of vital importance for European  interests, highlighting Greece’s role as an energy leader and hub in the SE Mediterranean and Europe, aside a team of industry leaders with extensive experience and technical expertise. Greece is acquiring a unique role in defending Europe’s energy autonomy and security, and I deeply believe that now is Greece’s moment!

George Kalavrouziotis, GAP President and CEO of Eunice Group said: “We are delighted Senator Andreas Borgeas will lead the GAP team. For us, the flourishing of Greek American relations in recent years is further developing and deepening cooperation between our two countries, in areas such as energy. The GAP project, which is gathering strong support from both sides of the Mediterranean, is characterized by significant advantages in terms of construction, geopolitical value, energy efficiency, and economic viability. Senator Borgeas will be a significant contribution to the Eunice team.”