WE ENERGY is officially the “greenest” company in Greece

WE ENERGY, a member of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), tops the Greek energy market in terms of energy mix composition, as it achieved the highest performance, according to data released by DAPEEP (Administrator of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) & Guarantees of Origin (GOs)), certifying in the most official  way its supremacy as a supplier of “green” energy and confirming once again its quality and environmental identity.

Speaking at the Energy Press conference on Renewable Energy and Storage, DAPEEP’s President and CEO, Giannis Giarentis, officially announced the data of the national energy mix as well as the performance characteristics of the electricity suppliers in 2018, saying characteristically: “The cleanest mix was achieved by Eunice (EUNICE TRADING – WE ENERGY), with 84.97% out of RES and 138.59 grams of CO2 emission / MWh.”

Mr Giarentis pledged that the results of setting up the energy mix would be announced annually for all power supply companies, as well as for the national energy mix separately, since the goal of publicizing the performance each year is to lay the foundations and raise necessary awareness to both companies and consumers about the environmental impact of our energy consumption choices.

This outstanding performance of WE ENERGY reflects the high amount of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) issued to corporate customers.

Mr. Panagiotis Zografos, Managing Director of  WE ENERGY, stated about the official announcement of DAPEEP. “We are very pleased with the announcement of these results. The company’s target for 2019 is 84.97% of RES to reach 100%. We are and want to be 100% “green” in all activities of the Group and this is reflected in the activities and operation of WE ENERGY. This is the driving force behind our development vision, which is reconciled with the interests of our partners, shareholders and other stakeholders.”


Guarantees of Origin & WE ENERGY

Energy suppliers, such as WE ENERGY, provide Guarantees of Origin for this energy from RES electricity producers and then pass it on to corporate and industrial customers.

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is issued in units of at least 1MWh of electricity generated from Renewable Energy, includes all the information related to its production and has a lifetime of twelve months. The purpose of the Guarantees of Origin is to promote Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to the end consumer by demonstrating the origin of the electricity they consume. In other words, the Guarantees of Origin certify that a specific amount of electricity consumed in a business within a year corresponds to an equal amount of energy coming from Renewable Sources, such as the sun and the wind.

In this way, a business, a factory or a household consumer, despite the fact that their premises are supplied with electricity from the same (public) grid as all other consumers, may know about that their energy comes from a specific source (hydroelectric power station, wind farm, photovoltaic) and with specific features (from a non-subsidized station, new investment, installed at the site of their preference, etc.).

Also, in the case of corporate clients, they may use this information to:

  • certify zero carbon footprint;
  • undertake Corporate Social Responsibility actions aimed at enhancing the “green” profile of the company;
  • advertise and promote products or services that they provide to a public that is sensitized to environmental protection.


Green Badge

In this context, together with its competing tariffs and with the support of the EEG Group, WE ENERGY provides for FREE the “Green Badge”, which certifies with the Admin’s (DAPEEP) “stamp” that its holder is using electricity produced by Renewable Energy Sources.

The Green Badge enables businesses to leverage a powerful tool to develop or enhance their corporate identity and gain consumer confidence and loyalty.

Specifically, corporate clients of WE ENERGY can place the “Green Badge” on the packaging of their products, their stores, their fleet vehicles and all their communication actions.

Research shows that consumers are largely willing to opt for products and services which are certified as environmentally friendly.

That is why renewable energy use is a priority for many businesses around the globe, not only as an integral part of their sustainability goals but also as a central pillar of their Corporate Social Responsibility.




Country Generation Mix: The allocation of electricity produced in the country, during a calendar year, to the primary sources of energy consumed or used for its production.

Residual Energy Country Mix: The allocation to primary sources of origin of electricity consumed in the country, for the part of consumption whose origin is not evidenced by recall of Guarantees of Origin.

European Attribute Mix: The total of electricity calculated, under the European mechanism for calculating the residual energy mix, as the sum of the resulting output surplus for some of the participating countries and its allocation to primary energy sources. The European Attribute Mix is used to cover the resulting output deficit for some of the other countries participating in the same mechanism.

Total Supplier Energy Mix: The allocation of the Supplier’s customer consumption to the energy sources used to generate it in the previous calendar year, as calculated on the basis of the Country’s Residual Energy Mix and the Guarantees of Origin recalled for/on behalf of that Supplier.



The country’s production mix for 2018 is given below.




The figures calculated for each Supplier separately refer to the total electricity provided by each Supplier to its customers in the preceding calendar year. The energy source-specific products that each Supplier has offered to its customer share during the year are part of all electricity consumed within the same year by all its customers. For consumption corresponding to the electricity products differentiated in respect of their origin, the Supplier shall be required to recall a sufficient number of Guarantees of Origin.