The concept of the NetProsumer and the ESG criteria at the center of the 32nd Greek Economic Summit

The Green Transition is a transition not only of economies and technologies. It is a transition that changes our lives«Η πράσινη μετάβαση δεν αφορά μόνο στις οικονομίες και στις τεχνολογίες. Είναι μια μετάβαση που αλλάζει τη ζωή όχι μόνο των κρατών και των εταιρειών αλλά όλων των ανθρώπων»

Dr.-Ing.George Pechlivanoglou drew the attention of the panel at the 32nd Greek Economic Summit, referring to the Eunice Energy Group concept of the NetProsumer and how it can completely flip the script of domestic energy production & consumption on a global level, as part of an ongoing ESG strategy with all Eunice solutions and products adhering to the strictest green guidelines.

You are welcome to watch the video below