We Energy: First in the production of 100% clean, green electricity from RES

We Energy by the Hellenic Energy Group Eunice:

  • A leader in the production of 100% clean, green energy from RES as well as top performance on ESG sustainability indices
  • Significant benefits for our customers while contributing to price stabilization for the power supply system for all consumers


We Energy by the Hellenic Energy Group Eunice is ensuring significant and multidimensional benefits for our customers as well as for the power supply system as a whole with strong performance on ESG sustainability indices, placing us at the top of the Greek energy market in the fields of environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance.


According to the official data of the RES and Guarantee of Origin Operator (DAPEEP), for the third consecutive year, We Energy was named the only provider of 100% clean green energy to customers who thus gain significant advantages over their competitors.

At the same time, the increased integration of Renewable Sources in the energy balance, which is strengthened by We Energy by generating 100% clean, green energy, contributes to the stabilization of wholesale electricity prices not only for our customers, but for all consumers. This is because the higher the percentage of RES in the energy mix, the lower the wholesale price of energy as RES have priority in the energy mix. So compared to the competition, We Energy is the only company to truly provide 100% green energy, without burdening the end consumer with additional costs.

The results on the energy mix of suppliers operating in the Greek market were recently published by DAPEEP ( % 91% CE% 9A% CE% 9F% 20% CE% 9C% CE% 95% CE% 99% CE% 93% CE% 9C% CE% 91% 20% CE% A0% CE% A1% CE% 9F % CE% 9C% CE% 97% CE% 98% CE% 95% CE% A5% CE% A4% CE% A9% CE% 9D_2020% 20% 281% 29.pdf? _t = 1626943037 )

According to the official announcements made by DAPEEP, We Energy comes in first, at the top of the Greek energy market, providing our customers with 100% clean, green energy that comes exclusively from renewable energy sources (mix 100% from Renewable Energy Sources) .

Thus, at a time when the world’s largest companies are working to minimize their CO2 footprint, thereby attracting consumers and improving the reputation of their brands, all We Energy customers receive a free “Green Certificate” certifying that they are using energy that comes exclusively from Renewable Sources.

The “Green Mark” that We Energy provides to all our business customers ensures inexhaustible communication possibilities and ways of taking advantage of the latter, as they can display it on their product packaging, in their stores, on the vehicles in their fleet, and in all their communication activities.

In addition, it is well known that large retail companies are increasingly choosing suppliers who can match their own green credentials and actively demonstrate their commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint.

In this way, We Energy customers can enjoy all the benefits of transitioning to green energy consumption!

At the same time, for 2021, We Energy is ranked among the top ten Greek companies with superior ESG performance, presented at a special online event on: “The importance of ESG criteria for energy companies in Greece. Challenges and Opportunities”, organized by the Hellenic Energy Exchange (EXE) with the Centre for Sustainability (CSE).

We Energy’s ESG strategy includes actions related to:

  • Our areas of activity (generation of electricity exclusively from RES).
  • The import and export of green energy.
  • The provision of “Green Certificates” and Guarantees of Origin.
  • Providing daily personal service to customers with modern digital tools, novel technologies and electronic services that improve everyday life and promote an environmentally sustainable way of working together.
  • Recycling of materials & packaging.
  • Actions that enhance employee health and safety.
  • Supporting diversity in the workplace.

ESG criteria are examined in depth by shareholder investors, as these allow them to avoid companies that may pose a greater financial risk due to environmental and other policies and repercussions.

Foreign funds prefer companies and investments that prioritize environmental and social awareness and corporate governance in the context of sustainable development, whereas investments undertaken in accordance with ESG criteria are considered to safeguard long-term sustainability. in the sense of preserving growth through the generations.