WE ENERGY: WE charge the Bridge with clean, green energy

With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly noticeable in recent years, the initiatives undertaken by businesses to reduce their footprint on GHG emissions are gaining even more in importance. WE ENEREGY is a contributor to this effort, having impressive results to show:

The cooperation of GEFYRA S.A., which maintains and controls the project in Rio-Antirio, with WE ENERGY ensures that the former covers all its energy needs with electricity generated 100% from Renewable Energy Sources, with zero-emissions of carbon dioxide, such as the sun and the wind. In this way, GEFYRA S.A. reduces its environmental footprint on electricity consumption, which accounts for two-thirds of the world’s emissions of air pollutants causing the greenhouse effect and climate change.

WE ENERGY is a subsidiary of the Greek energy group EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), which produces energy exclusively from Renewables. This clean and green energy is generated through EEG Group’s privately owned wind and solar parks throughout the country.

Being the only company in Greece to supply its customers with 100% certified green energy through its parent EEG Group, WE ENERGY is currently at the forefront of neutralizing the energy footprint of Greek businesses.

Green charging and e-mobility

At the same time, WE ENERGY supplies clean power to electric vehicle chargers installed in parking lots on both sides of the Bridge tolls. This results to ‘green’ charging for both the passing electric cars that stop to “refuel” and for the electric vehicles of the Bridge’s fleet. So far, GEFYRA S.A. has one electric vehicle, aiming to gradually convert its entire fleet to electric.

It is worth noting that electric vehicle chargers were installed in parking lots on either side of the Bridge in collaboration with Blink Charging Europe. The latter is a joint venture of EEG Group and Blink Charging Co., the leading US Company in the field of electro-mobility products and services.

According to a statement by GEFYRA S.A., in the context of its green activities and actions, the company was awarded a prize for the supply of electricity generated exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources of zero CO2 emissions to cover all operational needs of the “Charilaos Trikoupis” Bridge. This important distinction, which reflects the environmental sensitivity and ecological consciousness of GEFYRA S.A., was made possible thanks to the clean, green electricity, which powers the emblematic project, and is provided by WE ENERGY