EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) declares the Energy Democracy

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) Group looks ahead, but takes position next to you.

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) has a vision, a plan and an integrated strategy for global development and partnerships.

EEG invests, creates, innovates, shapes and promotes major energy changes that affect the world.

In the process of moving towards the Energy Democracy, EEG has as allies and co-operators, the Greek and European citizens, the forces of development, the markets and the production process.

EEG ambitious strategic objective of the EEG Group is that every Greek citizen becomes an active and conscious netprosumer. Its purpose is to become the owner of a small wind turbine (EW16 θέτις), owner or co-owner of a photovoltaic system, producer and user of renewable sources, a supporter of our effort to make the country a renewable energy exporter.

Presently, the wind pushes us towards a better world, illuminated by a shining sun.

In this picture everyone must discover his inspiration and seek his place in.

A netprosumer is a smart and free man.

All of us have been just consumers, customers to monopolies and oligopolies, restricted by the state`s energy programs that were designed with an obsolete concept and attached to the past. We were those who depleted natural resources and destroyed the climate, collectively as if the spacecraft that would colonize Planet Mars can carry everyone.

Nowadays, there is no longer just “consumer”. In the new energy landscape that is shaped, all citizens are equal. Everyone has the same access to energy. They produce, consume, store, become part of the network, save, become involved, and cooperate, i.e. they become netprosumers. In this way, without any change in their habits or infrastructure of our homes and cities, they save money and at the same time protect the environment.

The netprosumer will dominate because he thinks of himself and of others.

  • Part of the problem becomes part of the solution.
  • It is experiencing and promoting the idea of the Democracy of Energy.
  • It works with common sense.
  • Understands the value of synergy, cooperation and social cohesion.
  • It shares, cooperates, and educates others.

We make the Convenient Revolution by bringing Democracy to Energy.

The Convenient Revolution does not require sacrifices, does not bring violent changes, yet has no opponents in the previous regime. It is a change in the way we perceive our position in the world, it is an exercise of our rights, and the freedom in our choices. And the energy required that brings the change is available, clean, abundant and sustainable from natural resources.

The Energy Democracy that is already formed around us and has three pillars:

1.The sun, the wind and all other Renewable Energy Sources (RES), which are public goods.

2.Citizens are netprosumers, who have the freedom – and the necessary support – to produce, consume, store, manage and exchange clean energy.

3.Relationships between netprosumers are shaped by the concept of “Do the best for yourself and for the others”.

The energy governance will be done by citizens, for citizens will be accomplished by businesses for businesses. It will act in a way directly, equally, clearly, unaffected by the size of each one’s production. The result is a cleaner planet, combined with the independence of netprosumer.

The basic principle is made with the small wind turbine (EW16 θέτις), small-scale home-based photovoltaic systems and homeowners/tenants. They produce their own electricity to consume and / or sell it on the network. When self-production is not enough to meet their needs, they buy power from the grid. When they produce excess, they sell energy to the grid.

At the same time, a whole new generation of people is being trained that experiential acquire a strong eco-consciousness and preference for renewable energy.

They share, and they cooperate. They become netprosumers.

EEG makes the Convenient Revolution with the implementation of Smart Grids, by taking advantage of the commercial use of energy generated by small wind turbines (EW16 θέτις) even from the roofs of homes, which is now shared among the netprosumers through the peer to peer system.

The S4S is the idea that changes the world.

The S4S is a complete, integrated and flawless Energy Autonomy and Self-Management system. Its name means Storage for Security, Sustainability, Solution, Smart Grid, and its huge advantage is its interconnection with other systems and networks or where there are no networks at all.

In its basic version, which can be applied on larger scales, S4S includes a wind turbine (EW16 θέτις), a photovoltaic park system and an energy storage unit, which are the “visible” elements of it. An artificial intelligence application is powered by real time data of peripheral units, analyzes meteorological forecasting data, predicts consumption needs and manages the production, storage and continuous power supply of the system as a whole.

With a S4S system, a house, a business, a city produces their own electricity from the sun and the wind, which are becoming literally “public goods”. They cover part or all of their energy needs, and manage by saving excess energy by exchanging or selling it.

With S4S, a house, a business, a city can produce their own electricity from the sun and the wind, which are becoming literally “public goods”. They cover part or all the energy needs, and they manage excess energy by storing, exchanging or selling it.

Through technological developments, digitization, blockchain, the Internet of Things IoT, the as of today – so far only consumer is now networking, producing, consuming, storing, exchanging renewable energy with full energy self-management.

Thus, solutions are provided where they do not exist.

Part of the S4S system was implemented in TILOS Project.

Tilos, is a small island in the Dodecanese/Greece with a population of approximately 800 inhabitants, the world’s first energy-independent, self-sufficient island thanks to the Hybrid Power Station (HPS), the very first large-scale application of part of the S4S system. The award-winning TILOS Project, which EEG funded, constructed and managed by EEG, operates and has measurable results that have already attracted interest from every corner of the globe.

TILOS Project, which was funded, constructed and managed by EEG, works and has measurable results that have already attracted interest from every corner of the globe. In Tilos, the production of electricity from Renewable Sources (Renewable Energy Sources) totally covers the consumption needs thanks to a highly sophisticated management system.

Every subsequent application is another victorious incident in the Convenient Revolution that makes the S4S – by asking for nothing, simply offering everything. With smart applications everyone can be green energy sufficient, real-time savings efficient, and interconnected with other networks.

A new reality is shaped in our everyday life.

The shift to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is a given and an irreversible fact. Two key parameters have favored this change. The ability to store electricity and the rise of public awareness, prompting leaders to adopt policies to tackle the problem of climate change.

Renewable Electricity Production is increasing with geometric progress, technology is continuously offering new possibilities and a new perception is established. Greece, thanks to people, organizations and companies at the forefront of developments, is already on the right track and has a distinct and important place in the global stance of Energy. Terms such as Energy Communities, Energy Democracy, Energy Stock Market, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities, are all related to plans that are now being implemented, evolving and performing for our country.

The EEG Group’s vision, partnerships, innovations and investments pave the way and bring to the present (or presently) the next day of the Energy Democracy Republic of Energy.

ENERGY COMMUNITIES is a model of understanding and cooperation of local communities.

Energy Communities are partnerships involving citizens, social & local Government Organizations, small and medium-sized, and large businesses. They are real applications of the Energy Democracy, since all members/partners have an equal vote regardless of cooperative share.

Eunice Energy Group (EEG) supports and promotes a great number of Energy Communities, which have already been set up and implement the plans for the creation and development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects.

The profits from the operation of an Energy Community have a “social reference”, because they are mainly targeted to diffuse to every local community and support wider development plans. The free energy that is produced, significantly reduces production costs, improves product competitiveness and creates growth potential in critical sectors of the economy as well as across the entire remote areas of Greece.

Additionally, every Energy Community teaches understanding and solidarity, and becomes a true example of partnerships promoting social cohesion.

The non-profit energy Community of Fournoi Korseon, which was established with the participation of the Local Government, local residents and EEG, utilizes renewable natural resources (wind and sun) to produce abundant. Shortly, Fournoi Korseon will be Europe’s first Smart Grid Green Island that applies S4S technology to its full extent, along with Blockchain Technologies, IoT (Internet of Things), & A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). All citizens of the energy autonomous island municipality will have free electricity but also additional financial revenues.