EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) donates 84 training packages of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to Greek high schools

More than 500 children in 7 high schools, in selected outlying islands and continental regions of Greece are being trained and become aware of the value and the importance of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) through the program implemented by STEM Education in collaboration with EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG).

The first Greek energy Group that invests, produces and supplies electricity exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in cooperation with STEM Education, carries out an innovative action of corporate social responsibility in the field of education.

Since September, EEG has donated 84 packages of educational equipment to 7 Greek high schools with educational content dedicated to Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The schools that received the equipment and were included in STEM Education`s program are the ones of Mandra, Magoula, Tilos, Fournoi, Vlachokerassia & Distomo – Antikyra while the school of Astypalea island is soon to be added.

STEM Education developed the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) educational program and held introductory workshops for the schools that received the donation. The students had the opportunity to learn about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as well as other substantive physics, in an experiential way, through constructions and experiments, while working in groups. Through the program, STEM Education`s methodology is introduced into the benefiting schools for the coming years.

The Renewable Energy Sources (RES) education program provided by STEM Education, uses GIGO WIND POWER, GIGO LIGHT & Solar Energy packages as an equipment, with which students can experiment as modern engineers in a variety of different Renewable Energy Applications (RES).

STEM Education`s training packages create the appropriate educational conditions for the development of creativity, innovation and collaboration spirit while helping students to get better contact with Renewable Energy Sources (RES), to learn about their use and benefits to the environment as well as to humans. But above all, it helps them to learn to collaborate to develop ideas, to observe and to prepare for the future.

By participating in actions and continuing to support remote areas and areas where access to educational structures is more limited, EEG confirms its consistency with its philosophy for cooperation, equality, participation.

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Mr. Zisimos Mantas, EEG`s Marketing & Sales Director, referred to the innovative educational action saying: “So far, our collaboration with STEM Education is excellent and we continue the program with other schools that will soon be added to it. The vision and philosophy of EEG is consistent with STEM’s action. Through such activities, not only children become aware of respecting and protecting the environment, but it is also an excellent opportunity for students to become familiar with the importance of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), technology and innovation in our everyday life. Our goal is to equip children with the knowledge they will need to shape the world of tomorrow, to innovate and to be distinguished in the field of entrepreneurship”.

Mr. Michalis Pylarinos, Marketing & Communication Manager of STEM Education, said about the cooperation with EEG. “EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) is a global and European leader of innovative renewable energy technologies. It is important, therefore, to cooperate with companies that invest firmly in technology development with a high priority in high social responsibility, social development and extroversion”.