Athens Riviera Forum 2024: Eunice’s Leadership in Maritime Sustainability

Driving Maritime Decarbonization and Innovation: Insights from Athens Riviera Forum 2024
At the recent Athens Riviera Forum 2024, Mr. Athanasios Vamvakas Group Director of Eunice Energy Groupshared valuable insights into our efforts and vision for maritime decarbonization.


Key Points from the Speech:
Introduction to Eunice: Established as a leader in renewable energy for over 30 years, Eunice has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation. We were among the first to invest in renewables and e-mobility, and we are now poised to make significant strides in maritime energy solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities: Addressing the critical question of sustainable fuels, Mr. Vamvakas acknowledged the current limitations but highlighted the immense opportunities within the next decade. The focus is on making maritime logistics more efficient and cost-effective while promoting environmental sustainability.

Innovative Solutions: Eunice is actively working with ports and shipping companies to optimize land operations, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the shipping industry. Our collaborations aim to transform logistics into a green, sustainable model, ensuring that even the smallest ships operating in the Greek archipelago contribute to this vision.

Hydrogen Projects in Crete: One of the most exciting initiatives involves leading three major hydrogen projects in Crete. Given its strategic location as a gateway for ships passing through the Suez Canal, Crete is ideal for developing infrastructure that could revolutionize maritime energy with hydrogen as a key component.

Sustainable Logistics: Emphasizing the interconnectedness of shipping and logistics, Mr. Vamvakas pointed out that true sustainability in shipping must extend to logistics partners. Eunice is committed to ensuring that the entire supply chain operates on green principles.

Future Vision: The ultimate goal is to create solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable. This approach ensures long-term success and widespread adoption, benefiting both the industry and the planet.


At Eunice we are leading the way towards a greener and more efficient shipping future. Our innovative projects and strategic partnerships are set to redefine the blue economy, making sustainable maritime logistics a reality.