Athens Riviera Forum 2024

Athens Riviera

Eunice Energy Group’s vision for a sustainable future

Insights from Dr. George Pechlivanoglou, CEO of Eunice Energy Group

We are pleased to share the perspectives of Dr. George Pechlivanoglou, CEO of Eunice Energy Group, at the Athens Riviera Forum. Dr. Pechlivanoglou highlighted key transformations in the energy sector, emphasizing the impact of projects like the Ptolemaida storage system.  “At Eunice, we are pioneers in innovative clean technology and partnerships,” noted Dr. Pechlivanoglou.

Leading the Way in Clean Technology and Collaboration

Dr. Pechlivanoglou discussed the integration of stakeholders in projects such as the Tilos hybrid power plant, operational since 2018. He further emphasized technological neutrality, highlighting the Green Hydrogen Valley of Crete, which supports sustainable hydrogen production.

Commitment to a Sustainable Energy Future

In conclusion, Dr. Pechlivanoglou advocated for both large and small-scale initiatives to ensure a sustainable and inclusive energy future, underscoring the role of innovation and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a greener future.