EUNICE ENERGY GROUP brings the energy autonomy of Tilos… to your home.

Vasilis Tsimaras

Electrical Engineer MEng

Head of Electrical Engineering EUNICE ENERGY GROUP


According to the European guidelines and the domestic institutional developments regarding the installation of RES systems (photovoltaic panels, small wind turbines, etc.) for energy storage and self-management in homes and businesses, all citizens in our country will be able to gain freedom and choice:

  • to utilize the abundant and sustainable natural resources, such as the wind and the sun
  • to opt for cutting-edge technologies, designed and produced in Greece by Greek minds and Greek hands, with significant domestic added value
  • to produce
  • to store
  • to manage
  • to exchange clean energy from renewable sources with each other and, when there is a surplus, to sell it to the network
  • to participate in the new large market of the Energy Exchange, with immediate and medium-term financial benefits
  • to become NetProsumers and to enjoy energy AUTONOMY and INDEPENDENCE


These options and possibilities have already been realized and offered to residences, businesses and industries by the Aftonomo system, the innovative integrated solution for energy autonomy and independence developed by the Greek energy group EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EUNICE ENERGY GROUP) in collaboration with the company JOLT.

Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP finds perfect application in the “Exoikonomo-Aftonomo” (“Saving and Autonomy”) program, which comes as a successor to the successful “Exoikonomisi kat’ Oikon” (“Saving at Home”) programs, but also as the first big step to combine energy upgrading with the energy autonomy of buildings.

Starting point of Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is the technology applied in the only operating project in Europe for the production, storage and intelligent management of energy from the wind and the sun. The project in question, on the island of Tilos, is realized and operated by the Greek energy group EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, gaining worldwide recognition.


Fig. 1: The project for production, storage and smart management of RES energy by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP in the island of Tilos.

The Group successfully implements the Aftonomo system in homes and businesses throughout the country’s urban centers and rural areas, with tangible financial and environmental benefits, utilizing its experience in the design, development and operation of autonomy systems, applying cutting-edge technologies, and pioneering to implement its futuristic ideas.

With Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, homes and businesses have been equipped with photovoltaic roof systems, lithium battery storage systems and three-phase hybrid inverters. The equipment is complemented by the intelligent energy management system, which through the smartphone app and a range of smart meters and smart switches can be used to manage the distribution of the produced energy to the load, the storage system and the network, to program loads, and to adjust consumption levels, so that the needs for electricity are met by self-production to the maximum extent.


What makes Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) unique?

  1. Dimensioning platform for engineers:

The platform operates in an online environment, where engineers after a simple free registration procedure can enter basic data and components of the installation for a residence. They will directly receive the results for an integrated Aftonomo system solution to be installed for their client.

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP’s dimensioning platform is available to engineers and installers free of charge through the link, via EUNICE ENERGY GROUP’s webpage ENERGY GROUP/, or via the official Aftonomo website


  1. Smart energy management – JOLT system:

The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is fully compatible with JOLT, the integrated solution for smart energy management and saving for businesses and residences. JOLT includes a wide range of smart devices and applications that allow users to control and manage the electricity they produce and consume. More specifically, it uses smart meters to record and monitor consumption in real time, while loads can be controlled by smart remote switches and smart plugs.



Fig. 2: Full energy control and management with the JOLT system.

Development of innovative and integrated energy solutions by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.


EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is one of the leading Renewable Energy Resources (RES) companies in Greece, with many years of experience in the development of innovative and integrated solutions for the production and utilization of RES electricity. The Group sports a wide range of activities and plays leading role in the emerging fields of e-mobility and electricity storage.

With a significant position on the international energy map, it provides advanced and reliable energy solutions, exclusively originating from RES. The group develops and launches innovations that shape and transform the energy market in Greece.



One such innovation is S4S (Storage for Sustainability, Smart Grid, Solutions, Security), the smart energy management and distribution system that was implemented for the first time in the archipelago of the Dodecanese, making the island of Tilos the first energy autonomous island in Europe.

S4S combines various types of RES production with storage and smart energy management. The technological model of S4S was financed, developed, installed and operated entirely by the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) for the island of Tilos, and is the sole project in operation to gain international recognition, ranking the company among the technological pioneers in the production of clean energy from the wind and the sun. In practice, the S4S collects, stores and analyzes meteorological, energy and technical data as well as data regarding the battery storage status and real-time operation, in order to ensure uninterruptible power supply even in the most remote areas, by fully controlling electricity production and storage.

Recently, the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP announced the continuation of this innovative technology with the reproduction of the S4S model and diffusion of the know-how to four more islands: Anafi, Donousa, Leros and Fourni Korseon.



To date, renewable energy has been supported and promoted within the “Prosumer” concept, establishing this term as a trend in the global energy market. Prosumers are consumers who produce the energy they consume by themselves, using renewable sources.

The energy produced by wind, sun and other RES is abundant. Technologies are already available, and today a new reality is emerging in which energy producers/consumers will be able to store, manage and share part or all of the energy produced from renewable sources through peer-to-peer systems. They evolve into NetProsumers, who can interact with the network and other users.

NetProsumers are eco-conscious, strive for greater autonomy and independence, and seek rational management of energy consumption through technological advances, digitization, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They thus acquire the opportunity to participate in smart micro-grids and energy communities, aiming not only to become autonomous and independent, but also to having the opportunity to earn money from the sale of stored electricity and the provision of additional services to the electricity grid or to other stakeholders in the energy market.





Fig. 3: From the island of Tilos … to your home, with EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.

The development of S4S focuses on an integrated solution that combines the production of RES energy with its storage and intelligent management. It aims to serve NetProsumers and members of the energy communities, while, as an application for smart grids, it opens the way for the diffusion of the existing project know-how into the home sector with the creation of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.

Recently, more and more urgent needs arise for an integrated energy solution that goes beyond conventional approaches, ensuring not only energy savings but also maximization of the use of RES produced energy. At the same time, such a solution must offer citizens access to modern technologies that improve their daily lives, drastically reduce costs to meet their energy needs, and offer energy autonomy and independence.

The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP combines and utilizes RES technologies, battery storage systems and smart energy management devices in order to fully cover the electricity needs of a residence or a business. NetProsumers, as users of the installation, store and consume the energy they produce by themselves from RES units; with the help of smart devices, smart sensors and smart meters interconnected through a cloud platform, they can fully manage the consumption (load selection, on/off scheduling of loads, etc.) and self-production (energy storage, injection into the grid, etc.) in order to save energy and to gain energy independence.



Energy independence allows NetProsumers to fully manage the energy they produce and consume, even when the connection to the grid is lost. The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP supports JOLT, the advanced software offering smart devices, a cloud-based energy management platform, and applications for smartphones, allowing NetProsumers to measure their consumption, to process and store data, to monitore their energy status, and to manage the energy they consume. All functions have been integrated in a software application that allows users to coordinate and manage their devices, meters and sensors, to create communication infrastructures for optimal energy distribution, to maintain adequate energy storage in the battery, to manage information and decision-making, remotely – from any location, at any time of the day, with or without network connection.


Fig. 4: Energy independence becomes reality with the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.




Fig. 5: Overview of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG).



The EW16 Thetis, the first and only Greek wind turbine with a nominal power of 50 kW is manufactured by EUNICE WIND, a subsidiary of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, in a fully integrated production plant in Mandra, Attica. The EW16 Thetis is designed and certified according to the international standard IEC 61400-2 for Class ΙΙ winds. Its smart and reliable design results in the creation of a simple, silent, and robust wind turbine. The minimization of moving parts in the design of the turbine means lower construction and maintenance costs, optimal economic performance, and maximization of its lifespan. It can be connected directly to low voltage and integrates fully and smoothly with the S4S management system, making it an ideal choice for micro-grids and smart-grids.



EUNICE ENERGY GROUP provides high quality PV generators for any type of application. Whether for domestic use or for commercial or industrial installations, or even for open or outdoor areas, the photovoltaic panels of EUNICE ENERGY GROUP with monocrystalline or polycrystalline technology combine high performance with impeccable aesthetics. They are characterized by long life and low maintenance costs, are manufactured to the strictest quality standards, and are subject to regular quality controls.



For the storage of electricity, EUNICE ENERGY GROUP provides lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) technology. These are high-voltage batteries with a capacity of 5.8 kWh that are interconnected to achieve the desired total storage capacity. The advantages and advances of LFP technology ensure safe operation and improved resistance to extreme temperatures. The batteries have a 10-year warranty and are a flexible, reliable, and high-performance solution for storing electricity.



One very important detail of any PV installation is the right support system. It supports and protects the PV panels from adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain, having a decisive effect on the life of the entire self-production system. EUNICE ENERGY GROUP offers PV support systems of the highest standards for absolute safety and security, with a flexible design for quick and easy installation. They are ideal for flat surfaces and free areas, for various types of roofs with or without insulation, covering every need and type of application.



A crucial factor for the optimal efficiency and operation of a PV system is the quality and operation of the power inverter which converts the DC current produced by the PV generators into AC current, in order to supply the electrical installation.

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP provides a wide range of single-phase and three-phase power converters, pv inverters, hybrid inverters and battery inverters that are ideal for small or medium-sized systems (3-60 kW). They offer high efficiency, long life, and easy installation and maintenance.



E-mobility is an integral part of modern energy systems. In addition to the obvious benefits it entails for green and sustainable mobility, it creates new possibilities and profit opportunities by using the energy stored in electric vehicle batteries.

In Vehicle to Grid (V2G) mode, the electric vehicle can be discharged in order to power with electricity an installation or power grid. The combination of this function with the local production of green energy provides significant flexibility in energy management, but also in the autonomy of homes or businesses, while at the same time produces additional financial benefit from the sale of energy to the grid.