Benefits of smart energy autonomy systems for homes and businesses.

Evangelos Tsoumas

Dipl. Electrical Engineer, MSc

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In Greece, there are residences where the use of a smart energy autonomy system and a series of smart devices can reduce the cost of household electricity by approximately € 800 on an annual base – a percentage of over 90%.

The cost of electricity in businesses can be reduced accordingly, from € 5,850 to just under € 200 per year, while emissions of CO2 can be lowered by more than 50 tons per year.

The Greek energy group EUNICE ENERGY GROUP – the first market player to implement ideas of the future – has already started to roll out the Aftonomo system in homes and businesses in both urban areas and rural regions of the country with absolute success, utilizing its experience in the design, development and operation of autonomy systems and applying cutting-edge technologies.

The EEG Group has gained worldwide recognition by implementing the only operating project for the production, storage and intelligent management of energy from wind and sun in the island of Tilos. It will soon expand its technological innovation to four (4) more islands in the Aegean Sea: Anafi, Donoussa, Leros and Fourni Korseon.

Aftonomo is the innovative integrated energy autonomy and independency solution developed by the Greek EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) in collaboration with JOLT.

It finds perfect application in the “Exoikonomo-Aftonomo” (“Saving and Autonomy”) program, which comes as a successor to the successful “Exoikonomisi kat’ Oikon” (“Saving at Home”) programs, but also as the first big step to combine energy upgrading with the energy autonomy of buildings.

Property owners and technical consulting engineers are called upon to follow and lead developments in the new European reality, which goes beyond conventional methods and classical energy interventions, ensuring not only energy savings but also maximized use of RES energy. By providing citizens at the same time with access to modern technologies that improve their daily lives, they can drastically reduce the costs of their energy needs, whilst obtaining energy autonomy and independence.

Aftonomo, the solution for homes and businesses offered by the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, consists of RES power generation systems, an electricity storage system, smart chargers for electric vehicles, and smart devices and applications that allow the user to control and manage the electricity produced and consumed. For more information about Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, the smart system for energy autonomy & independence, visit our official website


Fig. 1: Overview of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG).

With Aftonomo by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, homes and businesses have been equipped with photovoltaic roof systems, lithium battery storage systems and three-phase hybrid inverters. The equipment is complemented by the intelligent energy management system, which through the smartphone app and a range of smart meters and smart switches can be used to manage the distribution of the produced energy to the load, the storage system and the network, to program loads, and to adjust consumption levels, so that the needs for electricity are met by self-production to the maximum extent.


Aftonomo- Dimensioning platform for engineers.

Calculations and dimensioning of the Aftonomo system can be done quickly and easily by engineers, through the platform developed by the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.

After a simple registration procedure, engineers can enter basic data and components of the installation of a residence into the platform, and directly receive the calculation results for a complete Afonomo system, which they can suggest and proceed to install at their client’s residence. This includes:

  • the number of photovoltaic panels and the power to be installed
  • the number and type of inverters of the system
  • battery capacity
  • support systems to be used for the entire installation
  • the results for annual money savings and pollutant reduction (CO2)
  • indicative system cost

By using this tool, installers can quickly and easily get results for an integrated energy autonomy solution to suggest to their clients.

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP’s dimensioning platform is offered to installers free of charge through the link, through the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP website or via the official Aftonomo webpage


Fig. 2: Illustration of data entry into the dimensioning platform.


Smart energy management – JOLT system.

The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is fully compatible with JOLT, the integrated solution for smart energy management and saving for businesses and residences. JOLT includes a wide range of smart devices and applications that allow the user to control and manage the electricity they produce and consume. More specifically, it uses smart meters to record and monitor consumption in real time, while loads can be controlled by smart remote switches and smart plugs.



Fig. 3: The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP is fully compatible with JOLT, the integrated solution for smart energy management and saving for businesses and residences.


Examples of energy autonomy and savings.

Example of operation of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP in a residence: In this house, photovoltaic panels have been installed with a total power of 3.3 kW, together with a 5.8 kWh lithium battery, one (1) smart meter to record the total electricity demand, and one (1) smart switch controlling the electric water heater. The annual consumption amounted to approx. 4500 kWh. Electricity costs for the entire year amounted to 25 €. For the same consumption without the Aftonomo system, the user would have paid 790 € (based on the price list of the main provider). Therefore, the reduction achieved in electricity cost amounted to 96%.


Fig. 4: Storage system, management system and inverter of an actual Aftonomo installation in a private residence in western Greece.

The benefits of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP extend beyond the reduction in electricity costs, considering that the self-producing system generates all necessary energy from green recources, eliminating the annual CO2 emissions for the electricity supply, which for the residence of our example would have amounted to approx. 10 tonnes per year.

Example of operation of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) in a business setting: In a business with an annual consumption of about 30,000 kWh, with the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, including a 20kW photovoltaic system with a production-demand synchronization rate of 70%, almost 25kWh storage capacity, intelligent energy management system and a range of smart devices, energy costs are reduced from € 5,850 to just under € 200 per year, while emissions are lowered by more than 50 tons per year.


Comparative benefits of the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP in relation to simple energy clearing systems:

For the residence of the above example, if a simple net metering system had been chosen, i.e. without the battery and smart energy management options offered by the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, annual electricity costs would amount to approx. 150 €. That is 6 times more, without ensuring the user any independence from the electricity network, and without protection from tariff adjustments by the energy supplier.

The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP also includes a smart charger for electric vehicles. This means that a user who opts for an electric vehicle will have the opportunity to recharge it for free with green energy produced at home or in the business, thereby eliminating fuel expenses.



Fig. 5: Actual installation of an Aftonomo system in Nafpaktia – Illustration of a PV system on the roof of a residence.

Advantages and benefits


The Aftonomo system developed by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP ensures:





With the smart energy management system and the appropriate combination with smart JOLT devices, energy consumption is reduced and unnecessary use and waste is avoided.


The Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP ensures limited use of the electricity network and, therefore, lower electricity bills. It allows you to save considerable amounts of money while fully covering your electricity needs.


Aftonomo takes advantage of the flexibility provided by its battery storage system, while the intelligent energy management achieved by JOLT ensures adequacy of electricity and uninterrupted power supply, even in case of power outage. This is especially important for the support of critical loads, such as medical equipment.


By fully implementing the energy solution offered by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP through the Aftonomo system, consumers gain significant convenience in their daily lives and an improved experience of using and utilizing electricity. They can enjoy the benefits of new technologies and innovative applications.



As NetProsumers, citizens can take advantage of the capabilities of JOLT products, monitor the energy condition of their homes in real time, make decisions and send commands to the devices they wish to operate, gaining full control not only of their consumption but also of their electricity bill.


In times when mobilization to tackle climate change is undoubtedly the responsibility of all, the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP provides every citizen with the opportunity to turn to green energy and minimize emissions due to consumption.


Every citizen can have an active role in the emerging electricity markets, participating in the purchase and sale of electricity and the provision of additional services to the grid, achieving greater financial benefit. The self-producing system and the accompanying energy management services offered by the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP are the pillar for this energy transition.



Installing smart devices and the JOLT energy management system means significant energy savings, optimization of energy-intensive installations, and an upgrade of the operation of the entire facility.


The main source of electricity for the facility’s loads is the self-producing and energy storage system. Together with the optimization of energy management, usage of the power grid is clearly limited, resulting in lower electricity bills.


Uninterrupted supply of electricity is ensured, regardless of the operation of the electricity network, which is extremely important for smooth execution of works and provision of services.


With JOLT products, the energy conditions of the business are monitored in real time (24h monitoring), devices and loads can easily be controlled (remote control) and, of course, full control of consumption and electricity bill is obtained.


Green, clean energy is used efficiently, allowing the business to reduce the emission of pollutants, to strengthen its corporate identity and to gain a clear competitive advantage over other companies, confirming that its strategy is characterized by extroversion towards sustainable development.




At EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, WE STRIVE to promote energy autonomy and independence by promoting production & storage of green energy through renewable sources and advanced technologies, enhancing social cohesion. We create SYNERGIES for a safe, clean environment without fossil fuels, while helping to fight energy poverty and strengthening the solidarity economy, with the ultimate goal of the sun and wind becoming public goods and citizens having the freedom – and the necessary support – to produce, manage and exchange clean energy. In other words, to become NetProsumers. At EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, we have already started the transition to energy democracy, with the innovative technological S4S model. Now, in collaboration with JOLT, we create the Aftonomo system, paving the way for the diffusion of available know-how into the building sector.

With Aftonomo, every consumer gets access to low-cost electricity to fully satisfy their energy needs, as they wish, in a completely reliable way.


The energy independence offered by the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP ensures the smooth and reliable operation of public structures and services in case of power outage, which is extremely important for the unhindered continuation of their work.


The energy autonomy and intelligent management systems offered by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP ensure optimal management of green, clean energy produced and consumed locally by NetProsumers. Widespread use of polluting conventional central power stations is reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in gaseous emissions, improved air quality, especially in areas where central production takes place, as well as a society that develops and progresses in a sustainable way with environmentally friendly actions.


Frequently asked questions about the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP.

Frequently asked questions about the Aftonomo system by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP can be found HERE