EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) in the main focus in the premiere episode of the TV show “Out of the Box”

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) and its technological innovations were the main topics in the premiere episode of “Out of the Box” show on ERT1, National Public Television Network.  “Out of the Box” focuses on people, who think “outside the box”. The show was broadcasted on Sunday 19/05/2019 and you may watch it using the online link below:   

The show visited EEG and interviewed its innovation oriented personnel. A wide range of EEG’s R&D activities in the renewable energy sector were presented and analysed in detail. The presenter, Mr. Yiannis Darras, focused on the Group’s operating philosophy that invests in people and ideas for developing and manufacturing cutting-edge innovations. The episode starts from Syros island, where the first electric car was manufactured in the early 70’s. Later the show moved to EEG’s manufacturing facility in Mandra, Attica, where the first Greek wind turbine is produced.

Mr. Pechlivanoglou, Technical Director, highlighted the Group’s Vision about decentralised energy production and its importance for pursuing the Energy Democracy in communities. In this context, EEG’s wind turbine paves the way for “Smart Grid”, that combines various renewable energy sources with energy storage and connects the consumers without the presence of the utility. Mr. Pehlivanoglou also mentioned about EEG’s activities in developing of a charging network for electric vehicles using only renewable energy.

MrMantas, Commercial Director, described the Group’s pioneering achievement of the first renewable energy hybrid power station in Greece, in Tilos Island. EEG developed, implemented, as well as, owns and operates Tilos hybrid power station that provides most of the energy needed on the island, from renewable energy sources.

Mr. Kalavrouziotis, Head of Software and IT Department, referred to the development of S4S (STORAGE FOR SUSTAINABILITY, SMART GRID, SOLUTIONS, SECURITY), energy management software that manages renewable energy production, consumption and energy storage, as well as, interconnecting with other systems and networks. S4S is already in operation and has demonstrated measurable results, offering optimised energy production and lower maintenance costs.

Finally, Mr. Rachiotis, Head of Energy Communities, told about the new legislation on energy communities and its importance to free the consumers to choose how the energy they consume can be produced through the energy communities.