Eunice’s innovative products lay the foundations for clean and sustainable transport in Greece.

Greek green tech solutions` integrator Eunice Energy Group, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, has installed two EEG-1S-22W single socket electric vehicle chargers in one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

The Eunice Group, offering integrated and high-tech solutions in the field of e-mobility, collaborated with the American technology giant Amazon Web Services for the development of the first EEG-1S-22W electric vehicle chargers on the island of Naxos, as part of the Naxos project Smart Island. The project aims to significantly upgrade the quality of life of the residents through the development of an Internet of Things (IoT) network, and was carried out with the close cooperation of the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, Ministry of Development and Investment, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and insular policy, the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Naxos.

Eunice’s chargers attracted interest from visitors, as well as institutional bodies that participated in the presentation of the project, on October 4-5. The installation of two chargers took place in the city center of the island, in front of the Town Hall, in order to ensure direct and easy vehicle access for residents and tourists alike. The group’s innovative solutions ensure an optimal user experience making EV charging an easy task, through a completely user-friendly management platform. Moreover, the project in Naxos is designed and developed to constitute a prototype, since the general plan includes the incorporation of many other Greek regions and islands in the Smart Island/Smart City category, etc.

The three-phase EEG-1S-22W charger is a purely Greek patent manufactured in the Group’s privately owned factory in Mandra Attica, occupying an important position in the Eunice’s innovative products portfolio. This particular model complies with all applicable European directives and meets all CE marking requirements, ensuring high quality and low maintenance costs. The Eunice Group, with more than 20 years of experience, specializes in the eMobility field, developing integrated electric vehicle charging solutions by combining high quality products with top services. As a pioneer company, the charger production unit uses sophisticated design systems, is fully vertically integrated with ISO 9001: 2015 certified processes, achieving absolute quality control.

After the successful installation of the chargers on the island, Head of Communications of the Eunice Group, Maria Michalaki said:

“For us, at the Eunice Group, our participation in the Naxos Smart Island project is a cornerstone for our dynamic presence in the field of eMobility. Ιt is the first step of a collaboration with one of the protagonists in the field of IoT technology, Amazon Web Services. At the same time, this collaboration starts from a Greek island, with a project that significantly improves the quality of life of residents and tourists, but also opens up new horizons for economic development. The Eunice group, through its high expertise in eMobility, demonstrates technologies and products, purely of Greek manufacturing, which support the energy transition of our country, but also open the way to a clean environment for us and the next generations”.