The EW16 thetis wind turbine, an example of innovation and know-how!

In the regular biannual progress report of the Greek economy for the first half of 2024 of the European Commission, which was published on 19/6/2024 on its website, there is a specific reference to the EW16 Thetis wind turbine of the Eunice group, as an example of innovation and production of know-how in the crucial sector of green transition.

The “small 50kW wind turbine” called EW16-Thetis (Eunice Wind 16 – Thetis), a product unique in its class throughout Europe, is entirely designed and produced in the Eunice Group’s factory (both its metal parts and its operating software) in Mandra, Attica.

The EW16 Thetis, certified to the strictest European standards, is adapted to the Greek nature and its small size is ideal for exploiting the country’s large wind potential (e.g. islands) without causing aesthetic and environmental nuisance. With a maximum height of 22 meters, it is significantly lower compared to typical wind turbines that exceed 150 meters.

In its official report, the European Commission states in particular: “It is also worth mentioning a vertically integrated manufacturing plant for the EW16 wind turbine and its support tower, with a maximum production capacity of 450 units per year” (p. 50). It is important to note that nominal references of this kind are very rare for the European Commission and are only used for extremely important investment, research and business initiatives that promote the European economy. In fact, the European Commission praises Greece’s efforts to make Europe energy self-sufficient and urges countries to emulate the Greek example.

This official reference from the European Commission is a recognition of the huge technological progress of the Eunice Group, which is constantly investing in research by utilising Greek scientific potential. Already, a huge international interest has been generated for the small wind turbine EW16 – Thetis, leading to a gradual increase in its production to meet the corresponding demand. The whole project has the official support of the Greek Government.

Overall, Eunice Group’s extensive and diversified portfolio, as well as its dynamic presence in large projects, confirms its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The group is making a substantial contribution to the transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy systems, demonstrating its leading role in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.