Greek chargers of EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) at events held for the World Environment Day and e-mobility.

Greek chargers of EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) are developing the national e-mobility infrastructure and promote Greece’s integration into the European network

The devices were presented at events held for the World Environment Day, in combination with the announcement of measures on the e-mobility

The EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) presented the electric vehicle chargers, which are manufactured in Greece, in two separate events that took place on Friday, June 5, 2020, on the occasion of the celebration of the World Environment Day, and were combined with measures announced by the Greek state for the development of electro-mobility in the country.

The chargers are manufactured in Greece by EEG on behalf of the American company Blink, which in collaboration with EEG, is developing the network for charging electric vehicles, aiming to cover the entire Greek territory -from Laconia to Evros – and to connect with Europe. In particular, the presentation given:

  • In Technopolis City of Athens, was part of a special event, during which the Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the “Strategic Plan for the Development of Electro-Mobility”. Visitors had the opportunity to observe the charging of an electric vehicle and discover the innovative technology and features of the Greek charger, which is developed and externally designed, mechanically equipped and engineered for digital operation and programming entirely by EEG, with own funds, in privately-owned facilities in Mandra, Attica, Greece.
  • In the Environmental Awareness Park ‘Antonis Tritsis’, at the events held for the Environment Day by the Attica Regional Administration and the Park Organization, the EEG charger of Greek manufacture was presented, which will be permanently installed in the Park area by Blink and put in full operation, so that the largest amusement park in Athens acquires an electro-mobility infrastructure enabling visitors to charge their electric vehicles.

The EEG Group brings value-added to the domestic electro-mobility investments, boosting the national economy in terms of growth and employment. At the same time, the Group promotes integration of Greece into the international electricity grid, as it constantly manages to create emblematic and internationally recognized energy projects and products and to build strong global partnerships.

EEG, as a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, has been certified with the corresponding top European certificates of high know-how and quality equipment and is the first and only Greek company to be a member of the pan-European Hubject electro-mobility network. This pan-European partnership is formed by Europe’s leading energy, electric drive and automotive companies that provide for cross-border access services (e-roaming), among the leading electro-mobility networks, to Greek drivers in Europe and to drivers from other European countries in Greece.

EEG Group chargers can be installed in any private or public institution interested in installing chargers and at the same time can be connected from any location to the international infrastructure of the Hubject.

EEG chargers are also connected to the Blink International platform, enabling each driver to know via their mobile phone, where and when they can charge their electric vehicle.

They are high-performance and high-tech products, intended for both the domestic and international market. They cover the needs of public charging networks, open or indoor public facilities and special buildings (tourism, offices, industry, public gathering, etc.) but also pleasure vessels, specially designed for ports, while the range of EEG products also includes single-outlet household chargers.

Furthermore, the EEG Group uniquely combines the environmental benefits of electro-mobility with those of “green” charging, as WE ENERGY, a member of the EEG Group, is the first and only Greek provider of 100% pure, green electric energy from privately-owned wind farms, solar parks and hybrid projects, which have been created throughout Greece by the EEG Group, during the twenty years of its successful investment course.

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