EEG & BLINK at Tritsis Park for the Global Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, a special event was organized on Friday, June 5, 2020, at the “Antonis Tritsis” Metropolitan Park, with the presence of the Regional Governor of Attica, Mr. G. Patoulis, entitled “The Park that combines the environment, culture, history and leisure”, which included the announcement of measures by the Greek state for the development of the electric mobility in our country.

During the event, EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) presented its electric vehicle chargers, manufactured in Greece on behalf of the American company Blink, which in collaboration with EEG is developing the electric vehicle charging network, in order to cover the entire Greek territory.

In his greeting, the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Energy Mr. G. Kremlis said: “today, we are celebrating the World Environment Day in Tritsis Park, in an event which is organized in collaboration with the management body of the park and in which the Regional Governor of Attica, Mr. Patoulis, also participates. It is an important event in order to highlight the importance of the environment for all of us. The environment is a commodity for the benefit of all, which we all need to protect, since the planet is our home. I would say that the coronavirus further highlighted the importance and the relationship between climate change, the environment and public health, so that this chain reaction ensures the quality of life for all of us, as well as the biodiversity of the planet, which is very important. 

I am particularly pleased that today EUNICE is participating in this event, representing and producing the BLINK electric chargers of cutting-edge technology. Electro-mobility is being developed and as soon as the next week a new law will be enacted that will apply e-Mobility nationwide; needless to say that there can be no electric drive without electric charging. In this context, Blink’s contribution is highly important and in fact Blink’s proposal to create a nationwide infrastructure network of electric chargers that will connect e.g. Laconia with Evros areas is extremely important. We would also like to thank Blink for highlighting the importance of e-Mobility in the national energy and climate plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy sources and, of course, boost electric vehicles, which is also an EU priority.”

Mr. D. Rachiotis, the representative of the Greek energy group EEG, said that “we present the Greek charger constructed, designed and certified by EUNICE ENERGY GROUP, manufactured on behalf of Blink, which is developing the network in Greece and Europe in collaboration with EEG. The manufacturer of the charger is EUNICE WIND, member of the EEG group. The charger is manufactured at the Group’s privately owned production unit in Mandra, Attica, where the first wind turbine production plant in Greece is also located and is now the first factory to manufacture electric vehicle chargers.

The design, both visual and mechanical, as well as in terms of electronics and programming, is done entirely by EEG. This product meets all national and international standards regarding electric vehicle charging infrastructure as well as all communication protocols required in modern electric platforms across Europe.

It is a product for both domestic and international markets and it is the first of a series of four related products that include the single-outlet, public, and household chargers as well as the pleasure vessel chargers specifically designed for ports”.

This was followed by a demonstration of the Greek charger manufactured by EEG, its technology and the ways of charging and using it. The installation, operation and management of the charging station have been undertaken by Blink Charging Hellas. The charger will be permanently installed in the area and in the coming days it will be fully operational so that the largest environmental park in Attica will have an electric mobility infrastructure and its visitors will be able to charge their electric vehicles.

EEG Group chargers can be installed in any private or public institution interested in installing chargers and at the same time can be connected from any location to the international infrastructure of the Hubject.

EEG chargers are also connected to the Blink International platform, enabling each driver to know via their mobile phone, where and when they can charge their electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the EEG Group uniquely combines the environmental benefits of electro-mobility with those of “green” charging, as WE ENERGY, a member of the EEG Group, is the first and only Greek provider of 100% pure, green electric energy from privately-owned wind farms, solar parks and hybrid projects, which have been created throughout Greece by the EEG Group, during the twenty years of its successful investment course.

The coordinator of the event that took place in the “Kivotos ton Sporon” Room inside the Park was the Chairman of the Board of the Park’s Management Body and Vice-Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning of the Agricultural University of Athens, S. Zografakis. During the event an environmental spot was presented and was dedicated to the park.

Additionaly, the Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment Mr. E. Bakogiannis, the Deputy Regional Governor of the Western Sector, Mr. A. Leotsakos, the Mayor of Agioi Anargyroi – Kamatero Mr. S. Tsirmpas and the President of the Scouts of Greece, Mr. J. Kanetis addressed their greetings.

Also, the Fire Captain Mr. P. Lamias was present on behalf of the Commander of the 10th Fire Station of Peristeri, as well as the Director General of the Management Body of Tritsis Park Mrs. M. Chatziathanasiou, the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Management Body and Regional Councillor Mr. M. Alexandratos, the Secretary General Mrs. A. Zisimatou, the members of the Board, Mrs. Eir. Makridou and Mr. G. Georgakopoulos and the professor of the Agricultural University Mr. P. Trivellas.