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EW16 Thetis

Wind Turbine 50kW.

With expert accuracy.

The Eunice Wind production plant manufactures the first and only Greek wind turbine: the EW16 Thetis with a nominal power of 50kW. The EW16 Thetis is designed and certified according to the international standard IEC 61400-2 for Class ΙΙ winds. The smart and reliable design of the EW16 Thetis results in the creation of a simple, silent, and robust wind turbine. The minimization of moving parts in the design of the turbine means lower construction and maintenance costs, optimal economic performance, and maximization of its lifespan, making it a very attractive and profitable investment.

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Technical Advantages

The technical advantages of the wind turbine start with its physical dimensions. Thanks to the tower hub height of 22m and a swept area of 200m², the EW16 Thetis achieves a high output and production. The gearless direct drive system and the aerodynamic design of the blades result in practically zero noise emission levels. This allows installation as near as 250 meters from settlements and facilities. Moreover, the blades have a fixed angle of incidence, are made of glass fiber-reinforced composite, and are equipped with enhanced lightning protection.

The state-of-the-art variable-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and the inclusion of a full power converter allow production at peak level and control of active and reactive power, while thanks to its filters, no harmonics are injected into the grid.

The electrical power conversion system delivers 3-phase 400~1000V/50~60Hz AC power directly to a low voltage grid or battery. Operation control and communication with the wind turbine are achieved with PLC systems, special SCADA systems, and state-of-the-art protocols.

As the design of the EW16 Thetis is based on the standards that apply to large wind turbines, all suppliers of Eunice Wind are certified for wind energy products, ensuring the technological innovation of our product.

Top level design.

Ultimate safety.

View of EW16 Thetis Nacell

The SWT’s direct-drive design features a gearless drivetrain and does not include any hydraulic systems. This means that the rotor hub and the permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) are directly coupled. This gearless design reduces mechanical strain and noise, increases reliability and drastically reduces maintenance and operating costs. The PMSG of the SWT has high torque and performance. Additionally, the absence of a gearbox and the associated lubricants, as well as other hydraulic systems, minimizes pollution and consequently makes the SWT more environmentally friendly.

Control and safety system.

The control system monitors in real time all the operating parameters of the wind turbine, ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation.
The entire control system (PLC control system and IGBT based PWM converter) is located inside the main cabin. A number of sensors alert the central PLC control system in real time, with very short response.
The wind turbine is controlled by both electrical and mechanical brakes. The EW16 Thetis has 4 brakes, including one fail-safe class brake for the most adverse weather conditions. Even in the case of grid loss, the wind turbine remains safe.

Reduced noise levels.

Noise levels.
LpA noise levels around the EW16 Thetis.

Financial viability.

Secure investments.

The installation of small wind turbines for the injection of generated electrical power into the grid is an extremely lucrative investment.
According to the regulatory framework, the investor obtains a twenty-year contract for the sale of electricity at a price of 157 euros per MWh, without the imposition of the municipal tax of 6.5 euros/MWh that applies to other forms of renewables.

Provided that the wind speeds at the installation site are satisfactory, the expected project IRR exceeds 8.5% with an average net annual cash flow of over 21,000 euros, achieving very satisfactory recovery times of the invested capital.

Even with financing according to the usual banking criteria, the return on equity is excellent, exceeding 18%, achieving average net cash flows of over 11,000 euros per year.

Technical specifications.

Power Curve
Technical Summary of the EW16 Thetis wind Turbine.
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EW16 Thetis


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