Eunice Group: the successful results of the three-year operation of the hybrid energy system in Tilos island

  • The advanced S4S technology of Tilos in new projects in the Aegean islands
  • ‘Aftonomo by Eunice’ in residencies and businesses, in urban centers and throughout the country

The energy, environmental and financial results of the first three years of uninterrupted and successful operation achieved by the hybrid energy system for the generation, storage and self-management of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources, as implemented and operated by the Eunice Group, a 100% Greek energy group, in the internationally recognized and multi-award winning project on the island of Tilos, can only be described as spectacular.

The advanced S4S technology (Storage For Sustainability, Smart Grid, Solutions, Security) implemented and operated by the Eunice Group in the Tilos project constitutes a reference point and a technological model, which is expanding to new project investments in the Aegean islands, while the Aftonomo by Eunice system based on the Tilos project technology is already being implemented on residencies and businesses, in urban centers and throughout the country.

Specifically, the Eunice Group announced that, during the three years of its operation, the hybrid energy system in Tilos:

  • Has generated a total of 3,300MWh, thus saving ca. 3,000 tons of CO2, an amount equivalent to the CO2 quantity that could be absorbed by a forest with over 54,000 trees.
  • The savings from emission costs is equivalent to approximately €39,000, thus significantly contributing to the fight against climate change and to the improvement of the environment, life and health of the residents of Tilos.
  • The hybrid plant’s operation allowed for the reduction of fuel costs for electricity generation by approximately €510,000, while in cases of grid loss, the hybrid plant in combination with the remaining energy infrastructure available in Tilos is able to fully cover the power supply needs of the island and its residents, with further room for energy exports to the Nisyros-Kos system.


Specifically, the S4S (Storage For Sustainability, Smart Grid, Solutions, Security) energy technology and innovation system by Eunice Group used in the hybrid energy system in Tilos constitutes the applied technology of energy autonomy and independence; it can combine different energy sources, wind turbines and photovoltaics, with storage, while at the same time applying meteorological and technical data, charging, storage and real-time operation data in order to ensure the uninterruptible power supply of the electrical system in a more secure manner and at the lowest possible cost.

Based on the real data from the operation of the Tilos plant, the Eunice Group promotes the diffusion of the project’s know-how and the reproduction of the S4S model, by fully integrating RES energy generation, in combination with smart management systems and the first and only Greek wind turbine EW16 Thetis 50kW, which is also manufactured by the Eunice Group at a privately-owned production unit in Mandra, Attica, in order to serve the ΝetProsumers, the members of the Energy Communities and the residents of Greek and non-Greek islands, as a Smart Grids application.

The Eunice Group has already received the approval of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) in regard to its requests for the issuance of electricity generation licenses from hybrid plants at the islands of Anafi, Donousa, Leros in the South Aegean Region and Fournoi Korseon in the North Aegean Region, with a total installed power of 6.31MW.

Moreover, the S4S development and the experience gained from its use and operation in Tilos constitute a reference point for one more innovative energy autonomy and independence system by the Group, perfectly implemented in residencies and businesses, the Aftonomo by Eunice system.

The solution offered by Eunice consists of Renewable energy systems such as EW16 Thetis wind turbine or photovoltaics, battery storage system, smart devices and  Joltie Smart energy management systems and applications which allow the user to control and manage the electricity generated and consumed through the Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Furthermore, it enables the future development of electromobility, thus creating opportunities for profit from the utilization of the energy stored in electrical vehicle batteries.

The ‘Aftonomo by Eunice’ system is already being implemented in residencies and businesses in urban centers and throughout the country, enabling citizens:

  • to utilize the abundant and sustainable natural resources, such as the wind and the sun;
  • to select cutting-edge technologies designed and produced in Greece, by Greek engineers, with significant domestic added value;
  • to produce;
  • to store;
  • to manage;
  • to exchange clean energy from Renewable Sources with each other and, in the event of a surplus, to convey it by selling it to the grid;
  • to participate in the new Energy Exchange market, with immediate and medium-term financial benefits;
  • to become NetProsumers and be AUTONOMOUS and INDEPENDENT in terms of energy.

By investing to make the islands energy autonomous, the Eunice Group, contributes in a practical and decisive way to the implementation of the European and national policy on the decarbonization of the economy and it helps the country enter a new energy era with sustainable results for its society and citizens.
The invaluable know-how, the real and measurable results from the implementation, operation and management of the S4S system in Tilos, can be widely applied both in Greece as well as in the rest of Europe, where there are over 2,000 islands with more than 15 million people.


International awards

It is worth noting that Eunice`s pioneering and innovative energy project on the island of Tilos, which was developed and operates through a relationship of mutual cooperation and trust with the Municipality of Tilos and the entire local community of this Dodecanese island, has won four international awards during its three years of operation. These awards are:

  • The CITIZEN’S AWARD category of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards: On 20 June 2017, the TILOS won an award in the “Energy islands” category, which was determined by a committee of experts, as well as the “Audience award” following an open voting procedure among 12 European projects in total.
  • The European Commission’s first EU Sustainable Energy Award in 2017
  • In 2019, the Municipality of Tilos won the first prize in the category “Supporting the Development of Green Markets and Resource Efficiency” in the context of the competition for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards.
  • Responsible Island Prize: The island of Tilos was recently awarded the EU RESPonsible Island prize 2020, by achieving third place in the framework of the European Research Innovation Days