Greece – Africa Power Interconnector (GAP Interconnector)

Project Title

Greece – Africa Power Interconnector (“GAP Interconnector”)

Project Promoter

“GAP Interconnector S.M.S.A.” subsidiary of Eunice Energy Group

Transfer Capacity

2000MW – Offshore DC transmission

Project Attributes

  • Subsea route within the officially demarked Greece – Egypt Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Successfully included in ENTSOE TYNDP 2020 (project number 1048)
  • Candidate as Project of Common Interest in the 5th PCI list
  • Successfully included in ENTSOE TYNDP 2022 (project number 1048)

Project Description

The project refers to the construction of a submarine DC transmission link of total capacity 2000MW (2x1000MW) interconnecting Egypt’s North Mediterranean coast and Greece at the island of Crete. A new HVDC conversion station close to the existing thermal power plant of Atherinolakkos in South-East Crete will be the connection point to Greece. The connection point in Egypt will be at its Northern coast located South of Crete, where the bulk of Egypt’s electrical load and HV transmission grid infrastructure is located. All the aforementioned installations (converter stations, substations etc.) will be of closed type using GIS technology. The proposed Greece – Africa Power Interconnector project will provide energy stability to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea area as intercontinental energy transfers will be facilitated and generation adequacy of the region will be increased.


Attica, Dodecanese, Crete, Egypt Interconnector ENTSOE TYNDP 2020 night map

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