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Greece – Africa Power Interconnector (GAP Interconnector)

  • Category

  • Project Title

    Greece - Africa Power Interconnector ("GAP Interconnector")
  • Project Promoter

    “GAP Interconnector S.M.S.A.” subsidiary of Eunice Energy Group
  • Transfer Capacity

    2000MW – Offshore DC transmission




  • New HVDC conversion station
  • Subsea route within the officially demarked Greece – Egypt Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Ιncluded in ENTSOE TYNDP 2020 (project number 1048)
  • Project of Common Interest candidate in the 5th PCI list
Project Description

The project refers to the construction of a submarine DC transmission link of total capacity 2000MW (2x1000MW) interconnecting Egypt’s North Mediterranean coast and Greece at the island of Crete.

A new HVDC conversion station close to the existing thermal power plant of Atherinolakkos in South-East Crete will be the connection point to Greece.


Cross-border Interconnections – Electricity trade – Energy Security & Stability of supply


  • Project of high significance (within the Greece – Egypt EEZ)
  • Strategic interconnection of Egypt with the European electricity grid (first connection with Africa in the region)
  • High level of regulatory convergence with well grounded political, technical and environmental cooperation
  • Egypt & Greece as energy hubs
  • Optimal utilization of national interconnectors
  • Energy stability in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
  • Regional socio-economic welfare, economic cooperation, peace and solidarity


Technical Aspects, Main Equipment

1 HVDC transmission segments:

  • DC Link 1 (2 cables ± 500kV, 2x1000MW): Atherinolakkos (Crete) – Egypt, approx. 400-500km (depending on subsea routing)
  • Embedded Fiber Optic (FO) system for Data Transmission

2 HVDC Converter Stations:

  • Matruh Egypt end station (1):  Bipolar 2×1000 MW
  • Atherinolakkos Crete terminal (1): Single converter 500 – 800 MW


2 HVDC transmission segments:

  • DC Link 2 (2 cables ± 500kV, 2x400MW): Levitha islet – Atherinolakkos (Crete), 250km
  • DC Link 3 (2 cables ± 500kV, 2x400MW): Lavrio (Attica) – Levitha islet, 245km
  • Embedded Fiber Optic (FO) system for Data Transmission

3 HVDC Converter Stations:

  • Lavrio end station (1): Bipolar 2×1000 MW
  • Levitha & Crete terminals (2): Single converters 500 – 800 MW each


Related Projects

Southern Aegean Interconnector (SAI) – ENTSOE project number 293

Relevant Links

ENTSOE TYNDP 2020 GAP Interconnector

ENTSOE TYNDP 2020 Southern Aegean Interconnector


Atlantic Council Europe Center Report
“Squaring the Energy Transition Circle in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean”


  • “…the Greece-Africa Power Interconnector, is approved by EU regulatory authorities and is part of the ten-year development plan of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).” pg 20
  • “A representative of a company developing transmission infrastructure to connect islet wind farms to the Greek power grid said in an interview for this report that its project “is receiving great attention from international investors and technology suppliers who are willing to either supply equipment or coinvest in these endeavors.”  A great deal of such investor attention is from Asian companies, primarily Chinese, for various strategic infrastructure projects including the interconnection project between Egypt and Greece (Greece-Africa Power).” page 29
  • “…US tangible support for electric interconnectors can help bring Eastern Mediterranean energy to Europe and act as a “strategic enabler” for the energy transition” pg2
  • “US State Department cited environmental and economic considerations for withdrawing its support for the East Med Gas Pipeline. Even as it did so, it noted: “We remain committed to physically interconnecting East Med energy to Europe. We are shifting our focus to electricity interconnectors that can support both gas and renewable energy sources.” For instance, the State Department made clear that the United States supports projects such as the planned interconnectors from Egypt to Greece…” pg 13
Greece – Africa Power Interconnector  Presentation 

SAI & GAP Projects at the 5th Southeast Europe Energy Forum